Pinch Points Are Serious Business
Don't Overlook the "Little" Things
We are all aware of the dangers of pinch points; however sometimes we are so used to everyday operations that we have a tendency to overlook things we might consider marginal or “just common sense”.

Last August in Ohio, a tool and manufacturing servicer was cited for failing to adequately guard pinch points on a conveyor belt.

According to the US Dept of Labor, OSHA stated in its report, "Employers are required to install and maintain machine guards to protect workers from amputation hazards." The company faces $213,411 in proposed penalties.

Machine Safety: How to Implement Safe Bypassing
Machine Safety is vital to operational success. There are many advantages when organizations look Beyond Compliance and see Safety as an integral part of their processes. One tactic that is often used is bypassing. Bypassing may be used when a company is looking for improved productivity; while continuing to focus on Safety as an integrated aspect of the enterprise. 

Below you will find an on-demand webinar presented by Grantek’s Director of Safety Practice, Jeff Winter. This webinar will help you gain insight into how integrating Machine Safety through bypassing can help your company realize cost savings and productivity advantages.

The key takeaways include:
– Common mistakes when bypassing
– When and where bypassing can be used
– How to bypass with today’s technologies
– Examples of bypassing applications
– Justifying the solution, why it is still safe
The Functional Safety Lifecycle
Stage 3: Proper Design and Verification Techniques
Machine safety has become more recognized than ever before. Employers and equipment manufacturers are tasked with providing equipment that is free from recognized hazards yet remain efficient, productive, & competitively priced. Revere Electric Supply, in partnership with Rockwell Automation, can provide you the tools needed to improve compliance, simplify development, reduce design time, and reduce costs.

How to Avoid Lost Time Accidents and Increase Plant Safety (ESC October 8, 2018  by  Ashley Reyes )
In a world where plant productivity is everything, a lost time accident is the last thing anyone needs. The incident becomes an OSHA recordable, adding a blemish to a company’s safety record, and leads to unplanned downtime.

Between the time off, incident investigation, paperwork, and production loss, the cost of a lost time accident can add up quickly. So how can a lost time accident be avoided? And how can a strong safety culture be achieved without compromising the bottom line?

Allen-Bradley GuardShield 450L-E
Safety Light Curtain

The Allen-Bradley® GuardShield™ 450L-E Safety Light Curtains from Rockwell Automation are based on a unique patented transceiver technology
which allows each stick to be used as a transmitter or as a receiver. 

Never Lose a LOTO Procedure Again

With ScanESC, simply apply a QR code to your machine and associate it with a procedure. Authorized employees scan the QR code to reference lockout/tagout procedures. Voila. No more misplaced or lost procedures.

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