Grants Awarded 

High impact grants awarded to Rogel Cancer Center members.
$100K+ Grants Awarded in July
Issam El Naqa, PhD : R01 ($2.3M) “Optimal decision making in radiotherapy using panomics analytics” (TACR)
Lindsey Herrel, MD : K08 ($1.3M) “Understanding the effects of the Oncology Care Model on cancer care for dual eligible patients” (HBO)
Brent Hollenbeck, MD & Ganesh Palapattu, MD : T32 renewal ($1.8M) “Advanced training in urologic oncology” (CEP/TACR)
Peter Kim (mentor- Costas Lyssiotis, PhD ): F31 ($113K) “Metabolism of extracellular matrix supports pancreatic cancer growth” (CB)
Celina Kleer , MD : R01 renewal ($1.9M) “Role of CCN6 (WISP3) in the progression and metastasis of breast cancer” (CB)
Todd Morgan, MD & Daniel Spratt, MD : R01 ($3M) “Determining the clinical impact of gene expression testing in localized prostate cancer” (TACR)
Sophia Orbach (mentor- Lonnie Shea, PhD ): F32 ($187K) “Heterogeneity of the early metastatic niche in cancer progression and chemoresistance” (CB)
Other NIH
Grace Chen, MD, PhD : R01 ($1.6M) “Understanding NLRP6 function in intestinal homeostasis” (CHI)
Michael Imperiale, PhD : R21 ($429K) “Cellular targets of the BKPyV miRNA” (CB)
Lonnie Shea, PhD & Haval Shirwan, PhD (Univ of Louisville): R21 ($440K) “Establishing immunoprivileged scaffolds for transplantation of immature beta cells” (CB)
Other External
Marcin Cieslik, PhD & Sethuramasundaram Pitchiaya, PhD: $200K from the Cancer Research Institute for “TCR-FISH: a novel method for spatially and clonally resolved profiling of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes” (CB)
Erika Newman, MD: $300K 2019 Scholar Hope Grant Agreement from Hyundai Hope on Wheels for “Targeting human DNA ligases in high-risk neuroblastoma” (DT)
Ganesh Palapattu, MD: $225K from the Urology Care Foundation for “University of Michigan Physician Scientist Residency Training Program” (TACR)
James Rae, PhD & Corey Speers, MD, PhD: $203K Research Award from The Hope Foundation for “Derivation of endocrine and chemotherapy resistance gene signatures and evaluation of previously developed molecular signatures as prognostic and predictive biomarkers in SWOG 8814” (TACR)
Muneesh Tewari, MD, PhD: $200K Technology Impact Award from the Cancer Research Institute for “Single molecule counting digital immunoassay platform for ultrafast multiplex screening of cytokine release syndrome in CAR-T patients” (TACR)
Emily Walling, MD along with Rashmi Chugh, MD & Brad Zebrack, PhD: $220k from Teen Cancer America for “Michigan Medicine Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Oncology Program” (TACR/HBO)
Shaomeng Wang, PhD: $2.1M from Agios Pharma, Inc. for “Development of menin inhibitors” (DT)
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