MAY 19, 2020


Recent high-impact publications from Rogel Cancer Center members.
Senior study author Jolanta Grembecka, Ph.D., left, with co-first author Hongzhi Miao, M.S. Photo by Leisa Thompson
“It’s extremely gratifying to see research we began here a decade ago, when I started at U-M as an assistant professor, taking tangible steps toward addressing this unmet medical need for leukemia patients,” - Jolanta Grambecka, Ph.D.

Drs. Pasca di Magliano, Bednar & Frankel. Photo by Leisa Thompson
In mouse models, the work uncovers a new potential target to improve immunotherapy approaches to the deadly disease.
Publications from members of the Cancer Biology, Cancer Genetics, Cancer Hematopoiesis and Immunology and Developmental Therapeutics programs
McCool, K.; Freeman, Z. T.; Zhai, Y.; Wu, R.; Hu, K.; Liu, C. J.; Tomlins, S. A.; Fearon, E. R.; Magnuson, B.; Kuick, R.; Cho, K. R. Murine Oviductal High-Grade Serous Carcinomas Mirror the Genomic Alterations, Gene Expression Profiles, and Immune Microenvironment of Their Human Counterparts. Cancer Res (2020) 80:877-889. PMID: 31806642. PMCID: PMC7024672.

Ruan, S.; Lin, M.; Zhu, Y.; Lum, L.; Thakur, A.; Jin, R.; Shao, W.; Zhang, Y.; Hu, Y.; Huang, S.; Hurt, E. M.; Chang, A. E.; Wicha, M. S.; Li, Q. Integrin beta4-targeted cancer immunotherapies inhibit tumor growth and decrease metastasis. Cancer Res (2020) 80:771-783. PMID: 31843981. PMCID: PMC7024642.

Klossowski, S.; Miao, H.; Kempinska, K.; Wu, T.; Purohit, T.; Kim, E.; Linhares, B. M.; Chen, D.; Jih, G.; Perkey, E.; Huang, H.; He, M.; Wen, B.; Wang, Y.; Yu, K.; Lee, S. C.; Danet-Desnoyers, G.; Trotman, W.; Kandarpa, M.; Cotton, A.; Abdel-Wahab, O.; Lei, H.; Dou, Y.; Guzman, M.; Peterson, L.; Gruber, T. A.; Choi, S. M.; Sun, D.; Ren, P.; Li, L. S.; Liu, Y.; Burrows, F. J.; Maillard, I.; Cierpicki, T.; Grembecka, J. Menin inhibitor MI-3454 induces remission in MLL1-rearranged and NPM1-mutated models of leukemia. J Clin Invest (2020) 130:981-997. PMID: 31855575. PMCID: PMC6994154.
Navaratna, T.; Atangcho, L.; Mahajan, M.; Subramanian, V.; Case, M.; Min, A.; Tresnak, D.; Thurber, G. M. Directed Evolution Using Stabilized Bacterial Peptide Display . J Am Chem Soc (2020) 142:1882-1894. PMID: 31880439.
Panwalkar, P.; Pratt, D.; Chung, C.; Dang, D.; Le, P.; Martinez, D.; Bayliss, J. M.; Smith, K. S.; Adam, M.; Potter, S.; Northcott, P.; Mascarenhas, L.; Shows, J.; Pawel, B.; Margol, A.; Huang, A.; Judkins, A. R.; Venneti, S. S WI/SNF complex heterogeneity relates with polyphenotypic differentiation, prognosis and immune response in rhabdoid tumors. Neuro Oncol (2020) In process. PMID: 31912158.

Qu, S.; Worlikar, T.; Felsted, A. E.; Ganguly, A.; Beems, M. V.; Hubbard, R.; Pepple, A. L.; Kevelin, A. A.; Garavaglia, H.; Dib, J.; Toma, M.; Huang, H.; Tsung, A.; Xu, Z.; Cho, C. S. Non-thermal histotripsy tumor ablation promotes abscopal immune responses that enhance cancer immunotherapy. J Immunother Cancer (2020) In process. PMID: 31940590. PMCID: PMC7057529.

Nessler, I.; Khera, E.; Vance, S.; Kopp, A.; Qiu, Q.; Keating, T. A.; Abu-Yousif, A. O.; Sandal, T.; Legg, J.; Thompson, L.; Goodwin, N.; Thurber, G. M. Increased Tumor Penetration of Single-Domain Antibody Drug Conjugates Improves In Vivo Efficacy in Prostate Cancer Models. Cancer Res (2020) 80:1268-1278. PMID: 31941698. PMCID: PMC7073300.

Comba, A.; Dunn, P. J.; Argento, A. E.; Kadiyala, P.; Ventosa, M.; Patel, P.; Zamler, D. B.; Nunez, F. J.; Zhao, L.; Castro, M. G.; Lowenstein, P. R. FYN tyrosine kinase, a downstream target of receptor tyrosine kinases, modulates anti-glioma immune responses. Neuro Oncol (2020) In process. PMID: 31950181.
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