MAY 8, 2020


Recent high-impact publications from Rogel Cancer Center members.
Publications from members of the Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention & Health Behavior and Outcomes programs
Kurian, A. W.; Ward, K. C.; Abrahamse, P.; Hamilton, A. S.; Deapen, D.; Morrow, M.; Jagsi, R.; Katz, S. J. Association of Germline Genetic Testing Results With Locoregional and Systemic Therapy in Patients With Breast Cancer . JAMA Oncol (2020) :e196400. PMID: 32027353. PMCID: PMC7042883.

Rubenstein, J. H.; McConnell, D.; Waljee, A. K.; Metko, V.; Nofz, K.; Khodadost, M.; Jiang, L.; Raghunathan, T. Validation and Comparison of Tools for Selecting Individuals to Screen for Barrett's Esophagus and Early Neoplasia . Gastroenterology (2020) In process. PMID: 32119928.

Cao[FN2]  , P.; Jeon, J.; Levy, D. T.; Jayasekera, J.; Cadham, C.; Mandelblatt, J.; Taylor, K.; Meza, R. Potential Impact of Cessation Interventions at the Point of Lung Cancer Screening on Lung Cancer and Overall Mortality in the United States . J Thorac Oncol (2020) In process. PMID: 32160967.
Steven J. Katz, M.D., Ph.D.
“We need to understand this gap better, because it could have potential implications on patients’ outcomes,” - Steven J. Katz, M.D., Ph.D.

Publications from members of the Cancer Biology, Cancer Genetics, Cancer Hematopoiesis & Immunology, and Developmental Therapeutics programs
Murga-Zamalloa, C.; Rolland, D. C.; Polk, A.; Wolfe, A.; Dewar, H.; Chowdhury, P.; Onder, O.; Dewar, R.; Brown, N. A.; Bailey, N. G.; Inamdar, K.; Lim, M. S.; Elenitoba-Johnson, K. S. J.; Wilcox, R. A. Colony-stimulating Factor 1 Receptor (CSF1R) Activates AKT/mTOR Signaling and Promotes T-cell Lymphoma Viability. Clin Cancer Res (2020) 26:690-703. PMID: 31636099. PMCID: PMC7002219.

Oakes, R. S.; Bushnell, G. G.; Orbach, S. M.; Kandagatla, P.; Zhang, Y.; Morris, A. H.; Hall, M. S.; LaFaire, P.; Decker, J. T.; Hartfield, R. M.; Brooks, M. D.; Wicha, M. S.; Jeruss, J. S.; Shea, L. D. Metastatic conditioning of myeloid cells at a subcutaneous synthetic niche reflects disease progression and predicts therapeutic outcomes. Cancer Res (2020) 80:602-612. PMID: 31662327. PMCID: PMC7002274.

Kitamoto, S.; Alteri, C. J.; Rodrigues, M.; Nagao-Kitamoto, H.; Sugihara, K.; Himpsl, S. D.; Bazzi, M.; Miyoshi, M.; Nishioka, T.; Hayashi, A.; Morhardt, T. L.; Kuffa, P.; Grasberger, H.; El-Zaatari, M.; Bishu, S.; Ishii, C.; Hirayama, A.; Eaton, K. A.; Dogan, B.; Simpson, K. W.; Inohara, N.; Mobley, H. L. T.; Kao, J. Y.; Fukuda, S.; Barnich, N.; Kamada, N. Dietary L-serine confers a competitive fitness advantage to Enterobacteriaceae in the inflamed gut . Nat Microbiol (2020) 5:116-125. PMID: 31686025. PMCID: PMC6925351.

Das, N. K.; Schwartz, A. J.; Barthel, G.; Inohara, N.; Liu, Q.; Sankar, A.; Hill, D. R.; Ma, X.; Lamberg, O.; Schnizlein, M. K.; Arques, J. L.; Spence, J. R.; Nunez, G.; Patterson, A. D.; Sun, D.; Young, V. B.; Shah, Y. M. Microbial Metabolite Signaling Is Required for Systemic Iron Homeostasis. Cell Metab (2020) 31:115-130.e6. PMID: 31708445. PMCID: PMC6949377.
Lonnie Shea, Ph.D.
“Biopsying an organ like the lung is a risky procedure that’s done only sparingly. We place these scaffolds right under the skin, so they’re readily accessible.” - Lonnie Shea, Ph.D.

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