NOVEMBER 6, 2019


Recent high-impact publications from Rogel Cancer Center members.
Publications from members of the Cancer Biology, Cancer Genetics, Cancer Hematopoiesis and Immunology and Developmental Therapeutics programs
Miyoshi, T.; Makino, T.; Moran, J. V. Poly(ADP-Ribose) Polymerase 2 Recruits Replication Protein A to Sites of LINE-1 Integration to Facilitate Retrotransposition. Mol Cell (2019) 75:1286-1298.e12. PMID: 31473101. PMCID: PMC6754305.

Ma, Y.; McKay, D. J.; Buttitta, L. Changes in chromatin accessibility ensure robust cell cycle exit in terminally differentiated cells. PLoS Biol (2019) 17:e3000378. PMID: 31479438. PMCID: PMC6743789.

Dai, J.; Escara-Wilke, J.; Keller, J. M.; Jung, Y.; Taichman, R. S.; Pienta, K. J.; Keller, E. T. Primary prostate cancer educates bone stroma through exosomal pyruvate kinase M2 to promote bone metastasis. J Exp Med (2019) In process. PMID: 31548301.

Xu, C.; Nam, J.; Hong, H.; Xu, Y.; Moon, J. J. Positron Emission Tomography-Guided Photodynamic Therapy with Biodegradable Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Personalized Cancer Immunotherapy. ACS Nano (2019) In process. PMID: 31556987.
Interdisciplinary collaborations between Basic Sciences, Cancer Control and Population Sciences and Translational and Clinical Research members
Spratt, D. E.; Alshalalfa, M.; Fishbane, N.; Weiner, A. B.; Mehra, R.; Mahal, B. A.; Lehrer, J.; Liu, Y.; Zhao, S. G.; Speers, C.; Morgan, T. M.; Dicker, A. P.; Freedland, S. J.; Karnes, R. J.; Weinmann, S.; Davicioni, E.; Ross, A. E.; Den, R. B.; Nguyen, P. L.; Feng, F. Y.; Lotan, T. L.; Chinnaiyan, A. M.; Schaeffer, E. M. Transcriptomic heterogeneity of androgen receptor (AR) activity defines a de novo low AR-active subclass in treatment naive primary prostate cancer. Clin Cancer Res (2019) In process. PMID: 31515456.

Ahmed, A.; Merrill, S. A.; Alsawah, F.; Bockenstedt, P.; Campagnaro, E.; Devata, S.; Gitlin, S. D.; Kaminski, M.; Cusick, A.; Phillips, T.; Sood, S.; Talpaz, M.; Quiery, A.; Boonstra, P. S.; Wilcox, R. A. Ruxolitinib in adult patients with secondary haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis: an open-label, single-centre, pilot trial. Lancet Haematol (2019) In process. PMID: 31537486.

Lang, X.; Green, M. D.; Wang, W.; Yu, J.; Choi, J. E.; Jiang, L.; Liao, P.; Zhou, J.; Zhang, Q.; Dow, A.; Saripalli, A. L.; Kryczek, I.; Wei, S.; Szeliga, W.; Vatan, L.; Stone, E. M.; Georgiou, G.; Cieslik, M.; Wahl, D. R.; Morgan, M. A.; Chinnaiyan, A. M.; Lawrence, T. S.; Zou, W. Radiotherapy and immunotherapy promote tumoral lipid oxidation and ferroptosis via synergistic repression of SLC7A11. Cancer Discov (2019) In process. PMID: 31554642.

Jordahl, S.; Solorio, L.; Neale, D. B.; McDermott, S.; Jordahl, J. H.; Fox, A.; Dunlay, C.; Xiao, A.; Brown, M.; Wicha, M.; Luker, G. D.; Lahann, J. Engineered Fibrillar Fibronectin Networks as Three-Dimensional Tissue Scaffolds. Adv Mater (2019) PMID: 31565823.
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