APRIL 22, 2020


Recent high-impact publications from Rogel Cancer Center members.
Dudek, A. Z.; Liu, L. C.; Gupta, S.; Logan, T. F.; Singer, E. A.; Joshi, M.; Zakharia, Y. N.; Lang, J. M.; Schwarz, J. K.; Al-Janadi, A.; Alva, A. S. Phase Ib/II Clinical Trial of Pembrolizumab With Bevacizumab for Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma: BTCRC-GU14-003 . J Clin Oncol (2020): JCO1902394. PMID: 32097091.
Ajjai Alva, M.D., M.S.
“Current therapies for advanced kidney cancer carry serious and burdensome side-effects for a lot of patients including severe fatigue, severe hypertension, diarrhea and other GI side-effects. The side-effects in this trial, while not directly compared to alternate regimens, were tolerable and the treatment was highly effective,” - Ajjai Alva, M.D., M.S.

Interdisciplinary collaborations between Basic Sciences, Cancer Control & Population Sciences, and Translational & Clinical Research members
Ray, D.; Ray, P.; Ferrer-Torres, D.; Wang, Z.; Nancarrow, D.; Yoon, H. W.; San Martinho, M.; Hinton, T.; Owens, S.; Thomas, D.; Jiang, H.; Lawrence, T. S.; Lin, J.; Lagisetty, K.; Chang, A. C.; Beer, D. G. Isoforms of RNF128 Regulate the Stability of Mutant P53 in Barrett's Esophageal Cells . Gastroenterology (2020) 158:583-597.e1. PMID: 31715145.

Luo, X.; Donnelly, C. R.; Gong, W.; Heath, B. R.; Hao, Y.; Donnelly, L. A.; Moghbeli, T.; Tan, Y. S.; Lin, X.; Bellile, E.; Kansy, B. A.; Carey, T. E.; Brenner, J. C.; Cheng, L.; Polverini, P. J.; Morgan, M. A.; Wen, H.; Prince, M. E.; Ferris, R. L.; Xie, Y.; Young, S.; Wolf, G. T.; Chen, Q.; Lei, Y. L. HPV16 drives cancer immune escape via NLRX1-mediated degradation of STING . J Clin Invest (2020) In process. PMID: 31874109.

Chandler, B. C.; Moubadder, L.; Ritter, C. L.; Liu, M.; Cameron, M.; Wilder-Romans, K.; Zhang, A.; Pesch, A. M.; Michmerhuizen, A. R.; Hirsh, N.; Androsiglio, M.; Ward, T.; Olsen, E.; Niknafs, Y. S.; Merajver, S.; Thomas, D. G.; Brown, P. H.; Lawrence, T. S.; Nyati, S.; Pierce, L. J.; Chinnaiyan, A.; Speers, C. TTK inhibition radiosensitizes basal-like breast cancer through impaired homologous recombination . J Clin Invest (2020) 130:958-973. PMID: 31961339. PMCID: PMC6994133.
Yu Leo Lei, DDS, Ph.D.
“HPV-16, which is an HPV subtype that drives over 90% of HPV-positive HNSCC, encodes a protein, E7, to induce tumor cell proliferation. We found a previously unknown function of HPV-16 E7 in promoting the degradation of a central molecule that activates the innate type-I interferon response” - Yu Leo Lei, DDS, Ph.D.

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