OCTOBER 10, 2019

Grants Awarded 

High impact grants awarded to Rogel Cancer Center members.
$100K+ Grants Awarded in September
Thomas Chenevert, PhD, Gary Luker, MD, Brian Ross, PhD, and Moshe Taplaz, MD : U24 ($3.1M) “University of Michigan Quantitative Co-Clinical Imaging Research Resource” (TACR)
Laura Kresty, PhD : R01 SubK ($161K) “Chemoprevention of Lung Cancer by Targeting Lonidamine to Mitochondria” (CEP)
Lindsay Kobayashi, PhD, M.Sc. : R03 ($156K) “Education and Cancer-Related Cognitive Decline During Aging” (CEP)
Mats Ljungman, PhD, Nouri Neamati, PhD, and Vaibhav Sahai, MD : R01 ($2.5M) “Targeting the RNA Exosome for Cancer Therapeutics” (CG/DT/TACR)
Archana Radhakrishnan, MD : K08 ($1.2M) “Engaging PCPs to Optimize Active Surveillance of Low-risk Prostate Cancer” (HBO)
Other NIH
Jacob Kitzman, PhD : R01 SubK ($689K) “Clonal Hematopoiesis in the Women’s Health Initiative”
Peter Kim (mentor - Ormand MacDougald, PhD ): F31 ($112K) “CRISPR/Cas9 Somatic Mutagenesis in Adipose Tissue” (CB)
Anna Mapp, PhD : R01 competitive renewal ($1.5M) “Probing Transcriptional Activation at the Molecular Level” (DT)
Jason Spence, PhD : U01 competitive renewal ($1.9M) “Niche Support of Human Intestinal Stem Cells” (CB)
Raymond Trievel, PhD, and Or Gozani, MD, PhD (Stanford) : R21 ($455K) “Unnatural Amino Acid Chemistry for Lysine Methyltransferase Substrate Discovery” (CB)
Sriram Venneti, MD, PhD : R01 ($1.5M) “Unraveling Metabolic Dependencies in H3K27M Mutant Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas” (CG)
Thomas Wang, MD, PhD, and Kenn Oldham, PhD : U01 ($2.9M) “Microsystems Imaging System for Epithelial-derived Cancer Heterogeneity” (CEP)
Stephen Weiss, MD : R01 ($1.7M) “A dual MMP9/MMP14 Axis Regulates Osteoclast Bone Resorptive Function” (CB)
Department of Defense
Aaron Udager, MD : $1.2M Prostate Cancer Research Program - Physician Research Award for “Intratumoral heterogeneity of aggressive molecular biomarkers in lethal primary prostate cancer” (TACR)
Other External
Maria Garcia Fabiani (mentor - Maria Castro, PhD ): $100K Basic Research Fellowship from the American Brain Tumor Association for “Impact of H3G34R mutation in reprogramming the glioma immune microenvironment” (CHI)
Costas Lyssiotis, PhD : $250K from Alex’s Lemonade Stand for “Therapeutic Targeting of the Disrupted Metabolic State in DIPG” (CB)
Shaomeng Wang, PhD : $250K from the Breast Cancer Research Foundation for “Design & development of new therapy for the treatment of human breast cancer by overcoming apoptosis resistance” (DT)
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