The Accreditation Review
November 2022
Volume 2, Issue 5
Welcome to SCC’s Accreditation Review! This is the 12th issue of the SCC Accreditation Steering Team’s newsletter that provides the College with accreditation updates and shares important information about accreditation processes.

This month we focus on:
Need to Know Nook!
Strategic Planning Week was a huge success! What an excellent opportunity to learn more about SCC’s Mission, Vision and Strategic Goals.
The daily celebrations are available on SCC’s website.
Be sure to see your campus representative for a Passport Stamp if you participated online or completed the October or November post-event question. By getting your passport stamped, you earn an additional Grand Prize Ticket!
ESQ – Delray Rowell
Lincoln – Shannon Ibarra
Beatrice – Renae Reis
Milford – Misty Griggs
AREA/CEC – Amy Chesley
Learning Centers – Crystal Hollmann

Check out the SCC Accreditation website for the latest information regarding our HLC accreditation:

Thanks to all the participants and congratulations to the randomly selected award winners: Tammie Lang, Kristi Lawrence, Frederick Scott, Kathleen McCann, Jennifer Euteneuer, Wendy Friesen, Kim Waswick, Jessica Murry, Sara Pegram, Tracie Klosterman, Casey Glassburner, Allison Cowell, Anne Loudon, Rod Rhodes, Al Brunkow, Bruce Spitser, Randy Williams, Regina Engelhard, Lindsay Dickinson, and Paul Lytle.  
Save the Date
Accreditation Website – MAKE THIS A FAVORITES LINK
Note: To create a Favorites on your Hub Home page, simply click the “Bookmarks” tab in the upper right and the + Manage Bookmarks to “add to my links” to add this site to your Bookmarks.
Re-Accreditation Passport Challenges
The Accreditation Passport Challenge program is designed to help the College community learn about the accreditation process and prepare for the HLC site visit.

Thank you to all who joined a session on Friday, November 4 for Destination HLC Re-Accreditation 2023. What a GREAT turn out and participation by all.
If you were unable to attend, that’s okay! You can still earn your Travel Swag (sunglasses) by answering the November 2022 Post Event Criterion 2 Trivia Challenge within the Passport Challenges. (Make sure to visit November 2022 Post Event challenge).
If you attended on November 4, you will receive swag (SCC sunglasses) soon!
Complete the Post-Event Passport Challenge - to earn your swag - if you could not attend on November 4.
If you have not submitted all Passport Challenges to date, there is no time like the present to get caught up on submissions.
It's easy to access the monthly Accreditation Passport Challenges! To do so, follow the steps below:  

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Begin the Challenge” and you will be redirected to the Canvas course.
  3. OR go straight to Canvas: “Mission Accreditation Passport” course to compete the Challenge.
SCC’s talented Institutional Research Office has created an interactive dashboard to track completed Passport Challenges. Check out your own passport at:
Also be sure to check out the Group Travel for your team’s standing.
December, 2022 will be a recap of Criterion 1 and 2 via an all-staff email.
No event, earning of swag or passport challenges happen in December.
Shawna's Shout Outs!
Every month, Shawna’s Shout Outs will include recognition of an individual or team of employees who has gone above and beyond!
This month’s shout out goes to Nikki Isemann, Political Science instructor on the Lincoln campus.

Nikki is committed to respectful discourse and serves as a faculty sponsor to both student political organizations. She exemplifies Goal 9 Input - Offer one’s views and ideas; respectfully challenge assertions of others. She has a keen attention to detail and frequently offers to help with other initiatives. Nikki has a strong dedication to SCC’s mission and cares deeply about the success of students and the College.

Nikki is also a champion of general education and assessment! She believes in the importance of a broad-based general education learning outcomes for students in all programs and had been integral in crafting our GELO’s as well as our Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO’s).
Nikki is a driving force behind SCC’s Global Education initiatives, serving on the Global Ed team, leading study abroad trips, and helping lead and organize International Education Week activities.
Thank you to Nikki for all you do for SCC!
Mission in Motion
The mission of SCC is to empower and transform the diverse learners and communities of southeast Nebraska through accessible lifelong educational opportunities.

The college provides dynamic and responsive pathways to career and technical, academic transfer, and continuing education programs that contribute to personal, community, and workforce development.

Questions about SCC’s accreditation processes, initiatives, or anything else accreditation-related at SCC?

Want to learn even more about accreditation at SCC? Check out these online resources below!

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