The Accreditation Review
September 2022
Volume 2, Issue 4
Welcome to SCC’s Accreditation Review! This is the 11th issue of the SCC Accreditation Steering Team’s newsletter that provides the College with accreditation updates and shares important information about accreditation processes.
President's Perspective
On behalf of the entire SCC community, the Accreditation Steering Team would like to congratulate our President, Dr. Paul Illich on THREE recent awards!
Ellucian Impact Award
First, Southeast Community College was awarded the Ellucian Impact Award for 2022 in the Change Leadership category, which recognizes school leaders who led ambitious technology initiatives and successfully managed change across multiple groups toward clear, common goals.

Dr. Illich accepted the award April 13 on the final day of the Ellucian Live 2022 conference in Denver. “Our proposal for the Ellucian Impact Award was about our transformational journey we’ve engaged in the over the last several years,” Illich said. “We converted, over a four-year period, from a quarter to a semester calendar system, we added six learning centers, we implemented a new enrollment management model based on trend data to ensure that we’re providing a course schedule that meets the students where they’re at, and we developed a new advising model. What’s incredible about our story is all of these major initiatives happened simultaneously. For the full article, check out this link

ACCT Leadership Award
Second, the American Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) Leadership Award.
Dr. Paul Illich is the recipient of the 2022 Western Regional Chief Executive Officer Leadership Award from the Association of Community College Trustees. During his eight years as president of SCC, he has led multiple transformative initiatives, including the completion of nearly $170 million in renovation and new construction projects, the conversion from a quarter to a semester calendar, removal of accreditation monitoring for the first time in the history of the College, and the implementation of its first strategic plan.
The award will be presented during the 53rd Annual ACCT Leadership Congress, Oct. 26-29 in New York City. As the regional award recipient, Illich will be the sole nominee from the Western Region for the Marie Y. Martin Chief Executive Officer Award that will be presented at the Annual Awards Gala on Oct. 28.

Pacesetter of the Year Award 
Third, Dr. Illich is the recipient of the 2022 District 5 Pacesetter of the Year Award from the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations (NCMPR). The Pacesetter of the Year Award recognizes a community college president or CEO who has demonstrated special leadership and support in college communications and marketing. It is awarded annually in each of NCMPR's seven districts, and district recipients automatically qualify to compete for the national award.

The National Council for Marketing & Public Relations is the only organization of its kind that exclusively represents marketing and public relations professionals at community and technical colleges.

The award will be presented during the district conference, Sept. 26-28 in Sioux City, Iowa.
The publicity the college receives from these outstanding awards are a tribute to Dr. Illich, his passion for SCC, and his vision for our future. However, Dr. Illich was quick to note that these awards and SCC’s associated accomplishments were only made possible through the incredible work of the full SCC team, including faculty, staff, administrators, and the Board of Governors. Of course, he also noted that the College’s Goal 9.6 set the stage for these accomplishments by creating a culture that embraces transformative change through reflective thinking, inclusivity, transparency, and compassion and respect for the views and ideas of others. The recent awards SCC has received recognize SCC’s tireless commitment to its mission to “empower and transform the diverse learners and communities of southeast Nebraska through accessible lifelong educational opportunities.”
Need to Know Nook!
The SCC Administrative team will meet in the coming weeks to review the upcoming HLC calendar and prepare their teams for communication and unity. We are excited to be gearing up for the coming months as we finish our final preparations for this adventure.
Be sure to check out our website for the latest information regarding HLC accreditation.
Save the Dates
October kicks off our exciting announcement of “Destination – HLC Re-accreditation 2023” plans for the remainder of the academic year.
Events Calendar

Criterion 1 - Mission

Criterion 2 - Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct

Destination HLC
Re-Accreditation 2023 Recap

Criterion 3 - Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support

Criterion 4 - Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement

Criterion 5 - Institutional Effectiveness, Resources, and Planning

Pre-flight check - Destination HLC Re-Accreditation 2023

April 24-25

HLC Site Visit

Prize drawings
Accreditation Passport Challenges
The Accreditation Passport Challenge program is designed to help the College community learn about the accreditation process and prepare for the HLC site visit.
If you have not submitted all Passport Challenges to date, NOW is the perfect time to get caught up on your submissions!
There are two easy ways to access the
monthly Accreditation Passport Challenges!
Tracking Completed Passport Challenges
SCC’s talented Institutional Research Office has created an interactive dashboard to track completed Passport Challenges. Check out your passport by visiting Passport Challenges and scrolling down to view your Dashboard. Check out the "Group Travel" tab to see how your team is doing!
Shawna's Shout Outs!
Every month, Shawna’s Shout Outs will include recognition of an individual or team of employees who has gone above and beyond!
This month’s shout out is to SCC’s Associate Director of Institutional Compliance, Diana Oglesby. In her role in institutional compliance, Diana is constantly scanning federal and state regulations associated with higher ed compliance. During her tenure at SCC she has discovered a number of areas of improvement needed in institutional compliance. She partners with student affairs, instruction, administrative services, accreditation and many other areas to ensure prompt resolution.

Over the past several months Diana has been assessing HLC accreditation policy requirements against our institutional policies and official college documents. She has identified a number of areas that needed prompt resolution and worked actively with the respective administrator to resolve. As a result of her findings, SCC has developed or significantly modified more than 15 policies to date - with more to come! 🙂
Diana exemplifies communicating positivity, while respectfully challenging assertions. SCC has greatly benefited from her commitment to compliance, attention to detail, ability to analyze complex policies, and her investment in ensuring SCC maintains its accreditation and Title IV financial aid eligibility. While much of her work is behind the scenes, it has a huge impact every day to daily operations and our students.

Thank you, Diana, for your outstanding contributions to SCC’s accreditation efforts!
Questions about SCC’s accreditation processes, initiatives, or anything else accreditation-related at SCC?

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