For George Webb, it seems that all roads lead to Andy McCabe and for the first time here, he reveals a bit more about his status as a (FBI?) whistleblower.

For years, George has been on McCabe's trail, way back when the latter was involved in blackmailing operations; bringing girls over from Eastern Europe to beach house parties and parties on yachts with VIPs. The girls would be surreptitiously drugged with scopolamine and McCabe would secretly film targeted people engaging in sexually abusive behavior in order to compromise them. George said he was physically present to observe this activity – and the cameras on at least three occasions, in three different cities.

George says that these compromise operations were the specialty of McCabe and Comey, who rarely solved crimes; instead, they slow-walked documents and pinned crimes on innocent people.

George says the FBI ran an operation every year at a beach house to collect dirt on people. Often, these "parties" would be held at Trump hotel properties. He says Julie Swetnick, the Kavanaugh gang-rape accuser was a recruiter of young girls for these operations, as was FBI agent an DOJ official, Monica McLean – the same Monica McLean who is the life-long best friend of Christine Blasey Ford, who the latter coached to help her pass her polygraph in order to get hired for her FBI job, way back when, according to Ford's ex-boyfriend.

It's the same Monnica McLean of whom Ford's other friend, Leland Kyser complained had pressured her to alter testimony that she had no recollection of the fateful party or of ever having met Brett Kavanaugh. Ford has claimed that Kyser was present and Kyser denies it.

"It's a very small enclave within the FBI but it's actually the CIA trying to get in there," says George. Everything becomes clear and easy to understand when you see that the modus operandi of these people is that the "conspirators do the accusing." He says he almost wishes that the Kavanaugh hearings had lasted for two years because they helped to reveal so much.

George explains that Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), which is officially a partnership between various law enforcement agencies is in reality "a cover for drug operations." He explains that this was exactly how the Phoenix Operation worked in Vietnam. As with GHW Bush's Zapata Oil Company, all major drug- and human trafficking operations involve oil platforms and helicopters, because nobody ever suspects or stops these helicopters.

As he signs off, George mentions that Trump's order to declassify the FISA warrants were still being processed and that National Security Director, Dan Coates was to sign off on them but they apparently hadn't hit his desk yet, which George takes to be "a very bad sign because it means it hasn't gone anywhere off of Rod Rosenstein's desk."

Running Time: 19 min

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