No. 20

Monthly Newsletter
Hot August Nights...
     In my last newsletter I told everyone that we (Tyler and I) were going to the show at Jim's Custom VW, in Columbiana, Ohio.  Well it was a great show.  Lots of cars, a real nice flea market section, and a large crowd of nice people.  We saw some really nice cars and buggies, and the weather was perfect.  If you missed the show this year, you missed a good time.  Put next year on your calendar.
     We left 2 Nostalgia bodies and chassis at Jim's.  Both bodies drew great comments from show folks.  Stop by and take a look.  Jim has both available.  There is one silver metalflake and one purple metalflake body available.

     Because we were not selling parts I had more time than usual to walk around and look at the show vehicles.  I thought my pick of the show would be easy, but, boy was I wrong.  There were quite a few outstanding cars, and I just could not pick one.  So, I am showing pictures of a few of the group.  A great 1953 red convertible, a Karman Ghia with a front mounted V8, a chop top sedan with a front mounted V8, an outstanding bus, and a buggy that represents several great buggies.

     Now that our show season is over for awhile we are getting back to normal, (what ever normal is for us).  Little John took Jim, and Kevin to New Jersey yesterday and hauled back more VW stuff.  They filled a 26' box truck and hauled another bus back, on the trailer.  I am working on the parts store, arranging and re arranging the display racks and walls.  Tyler is finishing up several major jobs in the Acme Car Co shop.  Bob is spending a little more time with the crew at the Acme Composites shop, and Tank is  working on the jigs and fixtures for the mid travel beams and A arm front ends for the Berrien Buggy line.
     In a few days we will be at the AOAA riding and testing buggies, (  We tested one new product, the mid-travel front conversion beam, and continued to test one older product, the adjustable rear shock mounts.  Both came through the day with flying colors.  We are now ready to begin filling orders for these parts.

     If you have an off road buggy built for a ball-joint front beam, and were afraid to ride on the rocks or rough stuff, we now can sell you the "bolt on" parts to change over to the heavy duty "link pin" front.  This front suspension is designed for off road use, in a rail frame. 

     I am going to be delivering an order to our western dealers in early August.  I expect to be going to Hank's in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Rails and Off Road Repair, (www.railsandoffroadrepair) in Denison, Iowa.  If anyone is thinking about a body or frame, now would be a good time to contact them.  I should be delivering before August 10th.
     I am amazed that I receive inquiries about our products, from someone who is involved in an activity or business I didn't know existed.  Hal called me to see if we could build a rolling chassis, capable of having 4 passengers, and gun mounts in 3 locations.  This may sound like a strange request but be aware that US Special Forces have used a modified version of sand rails in rapid deployment situations in Iraq, and elsewhere.  So we talked, and decided on an end product.  A rolling chassis that Hal and Rick would then install an electric power train, and finish.  It's purpose?  Well go to and you will be able to figure it out.  I am excited about the modified frame we intend to build if we can work this all out.
     On many occasions we have customers travel here to New Cumberland to pick up a frame or body.  When they arrive they usually shop for other parts they need.  All of us here enjoy these sales because we get to spend time with our customers and get to know them.  This time Boyd traveled from Nashville to pick up his frame.  That is about a 10 hour drive.  While he was shopping for more stuff we went into the lunch hour.  Because we needed time to gather his order, I suggested he go down the street for lunch.  We sent him to our favorite place to eat, Nick's 114 Café.  We eat lunch there at least 2 times per week, and the majority of our family functions happen at Nick's.  Boyd and his friend came back and had nothing but praise for the food and the friendly people there.  About 15 minutes later Fred, the manager at Nick's walked into the store.  He had Boyd's wallet in his hand.  He said that after paying, Boyd must have gotten distracted and walked out without his wallet.  Boyd was amazed that anyone would go to that kind of trouble to help him.  It's nice to see our friends demonstrate what good people they are, and why we are proud to call them friends.  Any time you are in the area, eat at Nick's 114 Café, 114 Bridge Street, New Cumberland, Pa.  You will have good food and meet great people.
Visit their website here:

Nicks 114 Cafe
114 Bridge Street, New Cumberland, PA
Phone: 717.774.6612

     Our Bugs By The River, car show, open house, and swap meet is only 2 months away.  Again this year the event is held in conjunction with the New Cumberland Business Association's Apple Festival.  The Apple Festival is a craft fair held in the borough park and is a short walk from our shops.  It gives you a second option to fill the day. 

     New this year at the show will be a "slow race".  This was suggested by Bill, our top guy.  We will have about a 30 yard course, and whoever travels the least distance in a relatively straight line in a specified time (we are thinking 20 or 30 seconds) is the winner.  Trophy and gift certificates will be awarded  to the winner(s).
Thanks to Facebook Live, we were able to give a virtual shop tour this month.  We hope to do more Facebook Live videos as a regular feature.  Maybe do a Q & A with Tank and some common things he see's while helping customers with their builds.  You can check out the video at the link below:

Berrien Buggy/Acme Car Co. Shop Tour Video
     July finished with a flourish, as we shut down the Trailer shop on July 28th. We took the whole crew to New Jersey to load more VW stuff at Donnas'.  We took our 45' show trailer, 2 pick up trucks pulling 2 car trailers and a 6 man crew.  We arrived at 10:30 Am. and left at 2:30 Pm.  We loaded the 45' trailer from front to rear with parts.  The pile is at least 4' deep from front to rear.  We also loaded a Ghia and a Super Convertible on the little trailers, both are rough.  That took a big bite out of the parts, but we still have everything in the rafters of the garage, plus 3 sheds outside.
     In trying to figure out how we were going to offer everything for sale, we hit upon the idea of an ongoing indoor flea market section in our parts sales area.  We think that with a little re arranging of our basement store rooms we can make space to lay stuff out for display and sale.  I hope by the next newsletter to have the details worked out.
     Between trying to figure out what to do with the loads of parts from New Jersey, and starting to prepare for the Bugs By The River, I have plenty of things keeping me busy.  I will update everyone in the September newsletter how we are doing.  Until then live life to the fullest.

Bugs By The River 8
September 24th, 2016