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Hot Enough For Ya?!?!?!
     I am late writing the July news letter, not because the dog ate my homework, but simply because I have been very busy, and then someone slipped the July 4th holiday in while I was not looking.  Some of my regular tasks took a back seat to everyday business, and some quality time with my very tolerant wife.
     We survived the Memorial Day weekend and had a good day at the Bug Out show in Virginia, even though we had to load, at the end of the show, in the pouring down rain.  The next weekend was to be the June Bug show at Maple Grove Raceway, near Reading, Pa.  The weather forecast was terrible for the weekend, and ultimately Gene chose to cancel, as severe weather was predicted for the day of the show.  I had several conversations with him on Friday and supported his decision to cancel, and pledged to be at the show when a suitable date could be found to re schedule.  It looks now like October 16th is the new date, as Maple Grove is a busy place, and had few to none in the free dates schedule.
     Our next trip was to Larry's Off Road, Nationals.  This is a 2 day event promoted by our Berrien Buggy dealer, Larry's Off Road Center in Dayton Ohio.  The combination show and drag race was held at Kil-Kare Speedway in Xenia, Ohio, which is a great facility.  Saturday night Larry had a cook out at the track with lots of free food and drink.  Sunday was the show and drag race which was well attended, with more street driven sand rails than we have seen before at a show.

     For the Acme/Berrien Buggy crew it was a long weekend.  We left the shop at 10:30 on Saturday morning and drove to Xenia, we arrived about 6:30, and parked the rigs outside the track.  The drag strip was running, as well as the quarter midget track, so we had to wait until 10:30 to move into the show area, which used the drag strip pits.  While we waited we ate Larry's food and rested a bit.  We checked into our motel by 9:00, we then went back out to the track to move the trucks into the show area.  We got back to the motel around 11:30, got some sleep, went back out to the track at 6:30, set up and spent the day meeting folks and selling parts.  At 4 we began loading the trucks and by 5:30 we were headed home.  We stopped at the closest Flying J, to eat supper in the Denny's,        ( which has become a tradition for the group).  Then it was full speed home, only stopping for gas in the pickup truck.  We arrived here at the shops 2:30 Monday morning, grabbed some sleep, then opened the businesses up at 7:30.  By the end of the day, Monday, Bob, Little John, Nick, and I were pretty tired. 

     We considered this, our first Ohio show, a success.  We met a whole group of new people, saw some real nice cars, and had a good time.  When that happens, I can't help but feel the effort was worth it for us.
     Speaking of nice cars!  Even though I am busy with customers during the show, I always watch the cars coming into the show, and always find a few that I think are neat.  Larry's show was no exception, and there were lots of choices but my favorite this time was, a Trike!  3 seats, all custom built, a wing, plus, a blower!  How cool is that?

     Sometimes you just have to wonder what you were thinking, when you commit to something. A case in point.  About 10 months ago we were contacted by a nice lady whose husband had passed away unexpectedly, and had a bunch of VW stuff.  Some of it was in Fairfield, Pa. (close to the Gettysburg Battlefields), and the rest was at a second home in Glassboro, New Jersey.  Donna wanted to sell it all to one buyer, rather than piece it out.  Bob and I went to look at the stuff in New Jersey last fall, and to put it mildly, we were amazed.  First, a pickup and a Kombi wrapped in tarps outside the 3 car garage.  In the garage a van and Ghia plus parts stacked to the rafters. Behind the garage several more beetles plus one part way through a pick up truck conversion.  There were lots of parts in the basement of the house, and new stuff in boxes in the mud room.  Moving back outside, 3 sheds were filled with stuff, not quite sure what.  The winter passed and Donna rounded up the titles and she and Bob negotiated, and just before we left for Larry's show we came to terms, and we bought it all.  Bob took Tyler and Justin to Fairfield and cleaned that garage out, 1 Beetle and 9 motors in various stages of disassembly, plus service manuals and other small stuff.  The Thursday after Larry's show, Little John, Jim, and I went to Glassboro and picked up the Kombi and the Pickup, plus cleaned out the basement and mud room.  Now we have the garage , the sheds, and the cars behind the garage to load and haul back to the shop.  We hope to be done by mid August.  When that is done we intend to sell it all.  So it looks like the rest of our summer season is going to be as busy as the beginning of the season was.  As for Donna, now that we bought the VW stuff she has the remaining 2of 3 homebuilt airplanes to sell, plus the New Jersey property.

     I am writing this on Tuesday July 5, after spending 4 days at the beach with my wife.  We have a travel trailer parked on what is called a "seasonal site", at Treasure Beach RV Park in Fenwick Island, Delaware which is the Ocean City Maryland area.  It was nice to smell the salt air and listen to the sea gulls for a few days.  July 4th was also our Granddaughter Morgan's 8th birthday.  She truly is a little firecracker!  What is really interesting is that her sister Lilly turns 6 on August 4th, and her brother JD turns 3 on September 4th.  I am not sure how son Dan and daughter in law Terry timed that, but I for one think it deserves mention.                                                                                      
       This Friday I load and leave for the show at Jim's Custom VW, in Columbiana, Ohio.  The show is Saturday July 9th, and Sunday, July 10th.  I am taking 2 Metalflake Nostalgia bodies for delivery to Jim, they are for sale, plus our Stalker display car.  Looks like it will be a great show, so those of you who can, please stop by and visit.
     The Gob Stopper project is moving forward, but slowly right now.  Tank is finishing up some jigging and fixturing for the sandrail front ends, so is not at the moment working on the GTX chassis details.  I have been working on other related issues, trying to keep everything on track.  The most significant event was the purchase of a 2008 Cobalt from a local salvage dealer.  The car, delivered to our shop cost $1500.00.  We did a little negotiating, and they kept some body parts to lower the cost.  The car came with a Pennsylvania Certificate of Salvage, which will certainly help in the registration process.  With the addition of the reprogrammed computer, and harness we are at $2500.00 for the entire drive train.  We are mounting the steering column and finalizing the steering.  We are also working on finalizing the buck for the firewall section so that the Acme Composites guys can get the mold made, and we can finish the firewall section.
     On July 23rd we will be at AOAA where we will attempt to break our ball joint beam to link pin conversion front end assembly.  I will report back with pictures and a complete run down of what we did and why.
     Until next month, be safe, keep smiling, love life.
John Mickle

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