THE REGULAR MOCA DATE HAS BEEN CHANGED!  There will be NO meeting in January!  We will meet  on February 10 at 7:00 PM at the Trini Mendenhall Center, for a second townhall meeting regarding the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program.
The Acorn  Jan/Feb 2016
Important Dates:

Jan 1-31:  Annual Dues Payment

Feb 10:    MOCA Meeting/Townhall with City of
          Houston regarding Traffic Management

March 4:  MOCA Wine Social 

President's Letter
Hello Monarch, and happy new year to everyone!  Now that the New Year is upon us we have a lot to accomplish!   First and foremost, I would like to welcome our two newest board members, Dr. Bob Glazier and Steve Zakin.  Bob has agreed to replace Laurie Hawkins in the role of Treasurer and Steve will be replacing Doug Becker as second VP.  We look forward to working with them both as they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.  I would also like to thank Laurie Hawkins and Doug Becker for their tenured service on the board.  Without willing contributors like them we would not have the neighborhood we have today.    Laurie served as Treasurer for seven years and Doug served in various roles for the past eight years. 

Neighborhood Traffic Update
As promised, we are moving forward with the city’s Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP).  Now that the traffic study has been completed, and we have a proposal from the city, we will be having a second public meeting on February the 10th at the Trini Mendenhall Civic Center at 7:00pm.   This meeting will serve to go over the agreed upon city’s proposal and will also serve as a Q&A for everyone.  You should be expecting a letter in the mail from the City of Houston explaining the process as well.   As before at the first public meeting  our guest speaker will be Gary Drabek, senior staff analyst for the public works department. He will go over the traffic study results and the proposed traffic measures as well as cover any questions anyone may have. 
Thank You to Our Super Neighbors!

We are particularly grateful to those that support our neighborhood by committing funds in excess of our base dues of $30. Our neighborhood has many residents who remain on a fixed income. These are the residents who have given a great deal in the past to the formulation of the community we enjoy today. In fact, the COPS program is largely run by seniors giving generously of their time. While we are at work, they have our backs! So, those neighbors that give in excess of $30 help defray lost revenue from those who are unable to pay. Our association benefits from their open-handedness. The following residents in the chart at the right have contributed $100 or over in 2015. They are our Super Neighbors.

New Ideas for the New Year

For MOCA, 2016 is a time to explore new opportunities. We have a number of new board members bringing fresh ideas to our goals and objectives for residents. During our January 6, 2016 board meeting, the board discussed many new ideas to bring dynamic services for the benefit of our neighbors. These include, but are not limited to, enhancing our website to:

  • bring texting alert capability to alert neighbors about a lost or found pet, reminder about trash collection schedule, and crime alerts [all with opt-out]
  • make it easier for MOCA to electronically invoice annual dues as well as neighbors to easily pay from the invoice (those without email will be mailed an invoice)


A Note From the Treasurer

First and foremost, I wish to thank Laurie Hawkins on behalf of her neighbors for her six years of service to MOCA as treasurer. So many give of their time to MOCA, all while juggling work and family. Laurie, your neighborhood is better because of your volunteerism. 

Renewal of MOCA dues is January 1. I hope you will take the opportunity to renew today. We have added a new way to make payments through PayPal.  This can be accessed through our website at: We will explore more convenient ways to pay dues including an option for automatic annual withdrawal. While logged into the site, please take the opportunity to review and update your profile. As we move to more electronic management of our services, your correct email address and phone numbers is of critical importance. For those without email, we will be mindful and reach out to you by paper as you are accustomed.

My responsibility as your treasurer is to collect dues and ensure protection of your funds. Publishing financial statements in the Acorn is not secure. Therefore, please feel free to attend a meeting or make a request through our website.


Dr. Bob Glazier


Total CP Hours:  229 (monthly average of 114.5 hours)

I am happy to report that during this time, there were only two reported incidents.  This was very good, as historically there are an increase of problems during the holidays.  One break-in occurred in the beginning of November on the 1500 block of Huge Oaks.  Someone entered through the front door and stole 2 large televisions.  This home is occupied but the resident was away, so the exact date of the incident is unknown.  During early December, thieves entered an unlocked garage on the 1500 block of Monarch Oaks and stole a cell phone and a medical laptop from the vehicle parked inside.  Both incidents were reported to HPD and investigated.


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