Please RSVP to if you plan to attend the next meeting  on June 23rd.
The Acorn  July/August 2016
Important Dates:

June 23rd:  MOCA Wine Social 

July 4th: No event    

President's Letter
Greetings neighbors,  
       I hope everyone is getting ready for summer!   We have had a lot of exciting things going on in our neighborhood, including our 4th annual block party that was held on May7th.  The weather was perfect on the second go, after having been cancelled the previous week due to the severe weather forecast.  It takes a lot of work to put these events together so I would like to thank the board for organizing it and to all the volunteers who helped with the set up and clean up .   A special thanks to Raja and Sonia Settipalli for hosting and setting up all the tables.   Next up on the social calendar, we will be having a wine social on Thursday, June 23rd.   The location will be at my house (1611 Lynnview) from 7-9 pm.  Please bring one or two bottles of your favorite wine to share with your neighbors, as well as a brief presentation of that wine (which may include nothing more than reading the label out loud).   We will have some light finger foods so please RSVP to to help us know how much food to prepare.   The wine social will serve as our next MOCA meeting since there is no new business to address.    Once again 4th of July falls on a long weekend so the board has decided not to do a parade this year due to poor attendance.  We will not be having movie night either (as we did last year) for the same reason.       In February, everyone in the neighborhood should have received letters in the mail from the City of Houston inviting all residents to the second public meeting held at the Trini Mendenhall Civic Center.  This meeting was to inform the residents of and to discuss the ongoing traffic initiative with the city’s NTMP program.  We had quite a large turn out to this spirited meeting.  In the end, the results from the 14 day feedback period were as follows:
Neighbors for the traffic initiative              111       
Neighbors against the traffic initiative        31      
Undecided neighbors                                      6
The results speak for themselves: 75% of the neighbors who responded, voted for the traffic calming measures, 21% against and 4% were undecided.  As you would expect, following these results the director of the NTMP has approved the project.  Our next step is to commence our fundraising efforts.  Based on the city’s estimates the total project cost will be around $130,000.  As of now we have over $45,000 pledged toward that goal.  In the next few weeks, the traffic committee will intensify efforts toward the fundraising initiative.  If anyone would like to get involved, please contact Mary Foster at or 713-304-4778.

Recycling Changes
The City of Houston will no longer accept glass in the green curbside recycling bins. Residents may still drop off glass at the City’s neighborhood depositories - the hours of operation, acceptable materials, etc. is available at
Yard of the Month Awards

This spring, longtime volunteer  Shannon Suderman passed the YOM Baton to Carol Hall. We give Shannon a big round of applause and thank her for her many years of service and her eye for beauty and we warmly welcome Carol to her new post! And we thank the following neighbors for their contributions to the beautification of our neighborhood:

In 2015: 1605 Monarch Oaks - October, 1503 Huge Oaks – November, 1406 Lynnview - December In 2016: 1602 Glourie – February ,1522 Pine Chase – March,  1413 Glourie – April,  1410 Glourie – May, and 1437 Glourie – June.

In Memoriam

Our longtime neighbor transitioned from this world to his eternal home. Martin Luker on Huge Oaks passed away Sunday, March 13th, 2016 and his funeral was held at St. Mark Lutheran Church. Martin and his family made it a great block to live in and for our “herd” of kids to grow up together.  He was an exemplary neighbor and will be greatly missed.

Upcoming Citizen Patrol and PIP Meetings

Staying informed of local safety issues is easy, by attending the HPD, Positive Information Program Meeting (PIP). These joint CITIZEN PATROL/PIP Meetings are free and open to the public, and we encourage you to invite your neighbors, friends, and family! Sandwiches, drinks and cookies are graciously provided by HEB afterward. Contact Sr. Officer C. Engelhardt- 832-394-0100 for info.

Location:   The Faith Center sanctuary, 8009 Long Point at Pine Chase

6:30pm – Citizens Patrol  / 7:00pm – PIP   (meeting ends about 8:15pm)

June 21st: County Attorney Vince Ryan: How we serve the People of Harris County                          July 19th: Identity Theft: Expert Chuck Andr shares tips to secure your information                        August 16th: Active Shooters: HPD Stephen Daniel presents on recent issues around the globe


CP Hours: April  = 94,  Incident Reports: 0      ~~~  CP Hours: May = 120,  Incident Reports:  0    

What strikes me about these numbers? Our MOCA neighborhood includes approximately 343 households and growing, yet the number of currently active patrollers is TWELVE!!! Many of the CP volunteers have been on duty for years and sure could use some help. It requires the eyes and ears of us all to maintain our safety – if even 5% of our neighbors patrolled even one hour a month it would help tremendously.  

Citizens Patrol Certification classes (for both new & renewing Patrollers) are held EVERY MONTH, on the third Wednesday, starting at 6:20 pm at the Long Point HPD Store Front office (on Long Point at the Pech Rd intersection). Walk-ins welcome - just bring your Driver License and attend the training. If it’s a renewal of your previous training, bring your expired certificate and turn it in to your trainer. 

If you’d like more info, please contact J. C. Coyle, MOCA CP coordinator, (713) 249-2489 or

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