A new year, a new attitude!

As we like to say, the attitude is gratitude, but this year let’s take it a step further and think about the personal attitude of being more compassionate and understanding of one another.

During these past two years, we all know of people who have lost their jobs, are homeless, can’t afford tuition payments, need help feeding their families, or are struggling with gas and electric bills. They all need our compassion first, and then our understanding is demonstrated through our financial support.

At CCF-LA we make it easy to support your favorite charities by making grants from donor-advised and designated funds.

Just last month during the Christmas season we issued 140 grants from our growing list of charitable funds. These grants were made to organizations aligned with our values and not necessarily Catholic per se and were initiated—online, by phone, by email—by our clients and handled within a matter of days by our client-services team.

For the full year, we issued 513 grants, over 100 more than the previous year! These grants were valued at over $50 million. This level of granting activity inspired our staff to be even more engaged and grateful to be actively involved in our philanthropy management business. Many of our staff were included in these numbers by making grants from their own charitable funds with us.

Let’s keep this spirit of Christmas giving alive all year. Taking the step of being more compassionate and understanding of people we know and don’t know leads us to a place of inner peace and joy knowing that we have shared our blessings with those that need them most.
— Kathy Anderson
President and Executive Director