2017 MFF monthly newsletter
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Dear Friends,
The Chagim celebrations are over and we hope everyone is off to a great start in 5778!
In this newsletter, we are happy to announce the second Milstein Meme Competition will kick off November 27. You can also read about how Israeli-Americans are powering the future of American Jews and about Fuente Latina, our featured grantee, which is spreading the truth about Israel.
And this past weekend we attended the 4th IAC National Conference in Washington, D.C. It was an incredible experience and thanks to everyone who made it happen!
With sincere love and admiration for Israel and the Jewish people,
Gila and Adam Milstein
Milstein Meme Competition Returns November 27
Show your love and appreciation for Israel and the Jewish people by uploading original memes on www.milsteinmemes.org starting November 27 ! And, anyone can vote for their favorite memes starting December 3. Winners will receive $2,000 in cash prizes! 

During our first competition from this past summer, more than 110 people from a dozen countries on six continents submitted over 300 memes, which received over 16,000 votes during the week-long voting period.

Organizations: If you're interested in partnering with us for this competition, email arielle@milsteinff.org by November 23.
IAC National Conference—this past weekend in DC!
It was great seeing you all at the 4th IAC National Conference last weekend, November 3-6!
Adam spoke at the Opening Plenary on Saturday night and moderated a panel on modern Antisemitism in America.

Click on the image to the left to watch Adam's incredible speech!
Israeli-Americans will power the future of American Jewry
Israeli-Americans have arrived, and they are leading the way in engaging Jewish Americans in pro-Israel advocacy. Ten years after the Israeli-American Council launched. Adam reflects on the evolution, growth, and future of Israeli-Americans.

Read more in The Jewish Telegraph Agency
Featured Grantee: Fuente Latina
Spanish is the world, with more than 570 million people fluent speakers. Yet Israel has few journalists for Spanish-speaking outlets, and even fewer Spanish-language journalists from the Americas. This meant hundreds of millions of people learned about current events in Israel from second-hand sources, with little context.
In 2012, Fuente Latina changed this. With headquarters in Miami and offices in Jerusalem and Madrid, Fuente Latina is the only organization that works with international Latino media in their language and in real time.
The organization provides journalists with translations, press kits, and fact sheets; facilitates interviews with important news figures; provides logistical assistance for photographers, cameramen, and producers on the ground in Israel, and takes journalists to the Jewish State to provide context and connections for reporters covering the Middle East. 
Thanks to Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation's support, Fuente Latina recently took six prominent Spanish-language journalists from the West Coast to Israel. Since returning home, these reporters have written accurate stories about Israel that reach millions. Fuente Latina’s follow up programming ensures that these journalists remained engage and produce balanced stories important to Israel in the long term.
Before and when news breaks, Fuente Latina breaks down geographical, cultural and linguistic barriers to help Spanish-speaking media outlets around the world see the Israel that we know and love—a light unto nations.
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The Mission of  The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation  ("MFF") is to strengthen the State of Israel, the homeland of the Jewish People, and its special ties with the United States of America; and to ensure the special affinity to the State of Israel of the young and future Jewish generations.