Priming the Pump

...the God of Christmas gets dirty!

Every year people question our ability to experience Christmas when the world in such a mess. But it is into times such as these that the baby was first born...and into times such as these that God continues to come!

Whenever we are in the midst of the suffering, despair and disaster, be aware that God is coming. If we learn nothing else from that first Christmas, we learn that ours is a God who elects to enter into the world's mess and pain and suffering.

Nick Baines, the Bishop of Leeds, explains that at Christmas, "God opted into the world of joy and muck, and did not exempt Godself from all that means. In other words, God decided that, rather than worrying about being contaminated by the bad stuff, God would contaminate the world with good stuff: generosity, grace, love, mercy, justice, hope."

At the time of Jesus' birth, the Hebrew people lived a miserable existence...just like many today. We've seen far too much misery in 2016: carnage in the Middle East, countless refugees, and terrorism in Europe. On American soil we've experienced the horrific mass shooting in Orlando and deep divisions between our races, genders, religions, political parties, and economic levels. But it is into times like these that God comes.

If there is indeed a heavenly throne upon which God sits...or if indeed God sometimes wears a flowing white robe...God is not limited to that robe and throne. Ours is a God who gets dirty. Ours is a God willing to swap a throne for a feeding trough, a robe for swaddling clothes. Ours is a God who gets dirty.

Over the next four weeks we'll prepare for Jesus' coming into the world as a baby. And we'll pray for a time when misery and suffering cease; a time without mass shootings, money worries, or persecution of our brothers and sisters who hold different beliefs and values.

Between now and Christmas we'll prepare for the coming of our God...a God who is willing to get dirty.

No water today...just priming the pump.
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 Advent Mission Opportunity

This year's mission emphasis during the Advent Season is donating needed supplies to Room at the Inn. Sponsored by the Sisters of Divine Providence, Room at the Inn provides emergency shelter and a stabilizing support system to women and families in need in St. Louis County, using a collaborative, interfaith effort of congregations and organizations throughout the St. Louis Region.

Some of us will remember providing meals and shelter space to Room at the Inn clients many years ago. We don't have our own facility to offer as emergency shelter, but we are able to help in other ways. During November and December, we will be collecting the following items:
  • body lotion
  • body wash
  • shower caps
  • hair combs/ big tooth combs
  • hair brushes
  • petroleum  jelly
  • deodorant
  • pajamas for women, men, youth and children (all sizes)
  • bath towels
  • face cloths
  • individualized laundry detergent
  • women's socks, and stockings and knee highs for interviews
  • fuzzy socks and house slippers
  • twin sheet sets
For more info about Room at the Inn, click  here

In Sympathy

We extend our sympathy to the Ronnie & Laura Roy family upon the death of Laura's brother, Garry Thielmeier.
A Pastoral Prayer for Advent

Lord Jesus, you come like a genius far ahead of his time.

Yo u come as a miracle,

not breaking the laws of nature

but fulfilling them.

You are the future towards which the Spirit draws us,

the salvation offered to all humanity,

the joy exceeding all exciting pleasures,

the destiny which was prepared for us

before the foundation of the world.

You come as the humble Perfection outside our grasp

yet graciously within our reach.

You are the Beauty that is to come;

the Beauty that calls us into that most natural

of all miracles: the ministry of love!

O God's unique Genius,

we welcome you as Savior, Friend and Lord. Amen!

(written by Bruce Prewer)

 You are cordially invited  to attend New Song's Annual All Church Christmas Party!
December 2, 2016
7:00 pm

at the home of
Kristin & Austin Umbenhaur
522 Vintage Grove Court
Wildwood, MO 63038

Everyone is Welcome - including children!

Please bring festive holiday finger food to share

and items for New Song's collection of personal care items to give to families and individuals at Room at the Inn

Please RSVP to
Sack 'Em Up Saturday is Dec 17
after worship

Be on the lookout for a sign up sheet for needed food items! If you know you can't attend but you want to contribute, please contact Judy Faires.
Special Christmas Music

Come hear the Women's Chorus perform this Saturday

The Christmas Choir will perform on the 17th and Christmas Eve...along with other special music during the season!

SuperSaturday Reminders!

Dec. 3
Ages 4 and up--an evening of dinner, games and activities will bring the Christmas story to children in relevant ways. Since it is Peace Week, children will also have the opportunity to go upstairs in small groups and walk a labyrinth (maze) with soft music playing and candlelight showing the way. This is an age old way of worshiping peacefully and we can't wait to share it with New Song Kids. Parents, you might want to try the labyrinth also-just come a few minutes early for pickup!


Worship will be special on December 10th as shepherds, angels and kings present our annual Christmas Program. The program will be near the beginning of worship and all children are invited--even babes in arms! I guarantee that they will bring the Joy of Christmas to all of us. So, call the relatives and invite the neighbors---it will be a great worship experience!
New Song Invitational!
No, we're not having a golf tournament, I just wanted to get your attention. Evidence shows that people are quite accepting of invitations to attend worship during the Advent / Christmas season. So let's all invite family and friends to worship with the New Song community this season! (Rex)