VOLUME 4 | FALL 2021
With the holiday season upon us, we want to express our gratitude for your continued dedication to helping your own through difficult times. As we reflect on all we've accomplished together so far this year - more than $57 million in grants awarded to nearly 73,000 individuals in need - we are so proud of the impact that our partnership makes in the lives of those experiencing unexpected disasters and personal hardships.

From the entire team at Emergency Assistance Foundation, we are sending you warm wishes for a joyful holiday season!
"My family was not prepared for the passing of my father, and this grant was a tremendous help with all of the funeral arrangements. From the deepest part of my heart, thank you so much! This time of sorrow has been made less stressful because of you."

"I was struggling with an increase in medical bills due to significant health issues. It caused me to miss a lot of work, and as a single mom, I was doing my best to make ends meet, but it just wasn't enough. I hate asking for help, but I would do anything for my kids. Receiving this grant gave me the opportunity to get back on my feet and still retain my dignity. This is an amazing resource for those who need it."
Emergency Assistance Foundation is currently in the process of transforming our Fund Partner Portal into a more valuable, turnkey resource hub for maximizing fund success. As an esteemed Fund Partner and integral part of our story, we would greatly appreciate any content that you’re willing to share for the benefit of other Fund Partners as they endeavor to help their own.

We are looking to showcase examples of successful fundraising campaigns, fund communications, or any fund engagement/promotional materials that have contributed to your success. Of course, any branding or references to your organization can be removed if you prefer. 
We thank you for any and all content you are willing to contribute and look forward to sharing the enhanced Fund Partner Portal early next year.

Reminder: The password to access the Fund Partner Portal is Best-Info18.
Our new volume allowance decreases the fee per standard grant application based on the average number of verified applications per month throughout each quarter. At the beginning of every quarter, we will review the fund’s previous three months of applications. If the fund has received an average of 150+ applications per month for that quarter, we will return US $25 per verified application to the fund’s balance (see example below). 

This initiative will launch in January 2022, with the first quarterly review taking place in April 2022.
EXAMPLE: If the fund receives 134 verified applications in January, 192 applications in February, and 156 applications in March, the average per month across the quarter would be 160, and in April the fund would receive a credit of US $25(134+192+156) = US $25(482) = US $12,050. 
Please remember that grants amounts awarded through an Immediate Response Program are not counted against a fund's standard grant maximum.

Need a refresher on our Immediate Response Program (IRP)? Our basic overview document and video are great places to start. And our IRP vs. Standard Grant Timeline provides helpful information about the differences between the award and grant payment timelines for IRP grants and standard grants.
> Want to learn more about the important regulatory concept of breaking the nexus between a relief fund's charitable class and the fund's sponsoring organization? Review this informative presentation deck.

> Our Fund Website Overview outlines the various features of our relief fund websites, including important fund information, application and donation links, a variety of communication methods for Applicant Support, and more.

> The EAF Communications Archive houses a digital library of all emails sent to our Fund Partners in one convenient location, so you can easily access past newsletters, disaster alerts, and more. (The password to access the Fund Partner Portal is Best-Info18.)