A message from our Executive Director:

Season’s Greetings to all. On behalf of the Harford Center’s staff and Board of Directors, I wish all of you the Happiest of Holidays. I know that this year’s holidays are very different. However, who better to appreciate “difference” than those that support the Harford Center, its participants, and mission. We have built a community culture around the acceptance and welcoming of differences. While this year may look and feel different, I encourage all of you to ask yourselves what positive “take-away” you have learned this year. For me, I have learned to really appreciate face-to-face conversations, seeing someone’s smile, a hug, and all the “little” things that I took for granted. Looking back, I know that after all of this is behind us that I will be taking that extra moment to appreciate time with family and friends, face-to-face time with colleagues, and hearing all the laughter at the Harford Center. The Harford Center is entering its 60th year in 2021; from our strong and adaptive history, I know that we will come out of this stronger and better positioned to provide the highest quality of service. We have learned so much about resilience, flexibility, and compassion. All of those difficult lessons will make us even better in the future. I hope for each of you that you can take something away from this pandemic that makes you realize that the “small” things were actually the “big” things. As we head into 2021, I wish you all a safe, happy, and blessed new year.

Sherry Nolte, LCSW-C
Executive Director