If You're Not Selling Term to Your Client, Someone Else Is. 
The Agent Term Store
Last year, we launched a term program under the name of "The Agent Term Store". The idea of the program was to make the sale of term insurance to your clients as simple as possible. In today's environment, there are too many complexities with compliance and the regulatory world. So, we wanted to keep the process easy and at the same time, maintain the highest level of compensation possible! 

Accelerated Underwriting 

Many carriers have the the ability to expedite the process for your healthier clients. Your client may be able to skip a paramed visit and go straight to issue. This will depend on how your client answers the health questions. Also, there may be limitations on face amounts.  
Case Management

Rocky Mountain Insurance Network will manage your case from start to finish. We will keep you posted through the entire process and let you know once your case is completed. At that time, you will receive your commission. We pay the highest street compensation available from the first case. 

The Agent Term Store