Alabama Senate Plan of Action
for Remainder of 2020 Regular Session
Below is a copy of the Alabama Senate Plan of Action for the remainder of 2020 Regular Session. Manufacture Alabama will continue to keep you updated as we navigate through this unprecedented time together.
As leaders, it is imperative that we demonstrate that the business of this state carries on in an orderly and systematic fashion while adhering to the recommendations of our public health officials.

The Alabama Senate will meet on Tuesday, March 31 at 2:00 pm at the Statehouse in the Senate Chamber as scheduled. This will be the 14th Legislative Day.

The intent for this legislative day is to advance only essential attendance items and then to adjourn to a date certain for the 15th Legislative Day. April 28 has been discussed with the House.

Below is a draft agenda for Tuesday, March 31.
  • Gavel In
  • Pledge and Prayer
  • Roll Call
  • Excuse all Senators
  • Points of Personal Privilege
  • President Pro Tem Marsh
  • Majority Leader Reed
  • Minority Leader Singleton
  • Adjourn to date certain for 15th Legislative Day.

Note: There are no local bills in place for passage, so we will not run through the Regular Order

It is highly recommended that any Senator that falls into any of the at-risk categories stay away from the March 31 Legislative Day. However, each Senator’s personal wish will be accommodated.

Any Senator or staff member that is ill, has been ill, or has been in the same room of anyone that has had any symptom of illness in the 72 hours preceding the March 31 Legislative Day must stay away from the March 31 Legislative Day.

A disinfecting station will be provided under the canopy of the second-floor rear entrance for each Senator to disinfect our hands and cell phones as we enter the State House and as we leave the Statehouse. We must ensure that we practice all Health Department recommendations while at the Statehouse.

Social distancing will be accomplished by the following:

  1. Senators are asked to be in your office by 1:45 pm and be ready to walk into the Chamber as the roll is called and return to your office.
  2. As much separation as possible is required therefore greetings must be verbal only from a distance of 6 feet or greater.
  3. Media will be accommodated in the Senate Gallery.As usual, Senate audio and video will be available via the Legislative website
  4. Senators Assistants will not be required in the State House for the March 31 Session.
  5. Secretary of the Senate, President Pro Tem, and Majority Leader staff will be present, but minimized.

The remainder of the session will be held possibly Tuesday, April 28 through Monday, May 18. This timeframe includes three weeks of session plus the last day of May 18. A specific plan for meeting more days than normal will be developed and provided prior to the next legislative meeting date.

The preliminary plan for the end of the session is to consider the following:

  • Education Trust Fund Budget
  • General Fund Budget
  • Other bills deemed necessary

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