Alacriant provides high level, value-added stamped and fabricated composite doors and transparent armor for the defense industry. 

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Mutual Responsibility.
Mutual Accountability.
Mutual Commitment.

Alacriant is a manufacturer of stamped and fabricated metal assemblies serving both the commercial and defense industries that consistently executes outcomes critical to its customer's success.


For Our War Fighters.

For All Your Commercial Needs.

For Eco-Friendly Shipping.

That Meet Your Specifications.


Frank Azok, 
Business Development
Alacriant, Inc.

Alacriant Donates BibleSticks to 
Military Soldiers

This holiday, 10 soldiers and their families will receive a meaningful gift from Alacriant, a portable bible on a memory stick that the troops can use while on, or preparing for, deployment. 
The Military BibleStick is a digital audio player designed for military service members.  The size of a pack of gum, it comes preloaded with a recording of the New Testament and Psalms.  It's rugged enough to withstand tough weather conditions, can be used in low light situations, and easily fits into uniform pockets. 

"During these trying times, we at Alacriant are grateful that we have the ability to help bring a little piece of home to the proud soldiers that are away from family during this holiday season," - Jeff Berkes, 
President and CEO,
Alacriant, Inc.

Click here to watch a video on the Military BibleStick's that Alacriant has donated to 10 soldiers and their families. 


Joining in the Efforts to Collect Toys and "Stuff the Humvee"

Alacriant family members dropped off toys to the NEOPAT "Stuff the Humvee" Toy Drive on December 7 during the downtown Hudson's Holiday Walk.  Hundreds of new and unwrapped toys were collected to assist local, less fortunate military families.  

Value Added Assembly . . .
Serving the Defense Industry

Alacriant, Inc. is currently fulfilling a contract for a Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) for the manufacturing and assembly of 518 four-door kits and 65 two-door kits for HMMWVs.

These doors are being assembled for military vehicles previously used in war.  When assembly is complete, the vehicles will be used not only for "peace time" operations within the United States by the military but also resold to countries outside of North America.  For this job, Alacriant, Inc. hired 12 additional employees to complete the contract.  The first order was shipped three days early and with positive comments from the shipping contracting officer.

Small to mid-sized businesses play an important role in the economy and the military.  Alacriant has the flexibility, open-mindedness and efficiency to satisfy the work in this contract.  We believe in our employees, our products, and our country.  It's the perfect combination.

Click here to speak to an Alacriant team member for additional information on how we can assist you with your complete assembly projects.

One-on-One Interview with Mike Thompson,
Manager of Alacriant's Laser Department
Highlighting the Mitsubishi ML3015eX Laser

Is there anything that has happened at Alacriant recently that will impact customers in a positive way?
The purchase of the new Mitsubishi ML3015eX laser has helped us to streamline the whole laser cutting process. If we have any issues with customer satisfaction, we are able to quickly address and resolve the issue. We know exactly where each part was cut, who was operating the laser, and what we can do to prevent the issue from every arising again.  We have had laser automation for a while now, with our fully automated 16 shelf tower system, but with this new laser equipment, we have completely expanded our automation capability.

Alacriant now has access to 7 laser systems within our 3 locations.

What does this mean to our customer?  

"It means 7 lasers, 22 hours per day, 6 days a week for a total of 924 hours of precision laser cutting for our most valued customers," said Mike Thompson, Manager.

What is the Laser Department's primary focus?
The department's primary focus is to meet the customer's exact specifications for their part. We have to do this so they can rely on us to not only get them the best possible product, but also so they will receive their parts when they need them. Meeting specs and shipping dates are our focus.

What does the future hold for the Laser Department?
We are currently giving consideration to expanding our laser department further and branching into the field of fiber lasers.  This future move will allow us to even better serve our customers with the speed and precision that is synonymous with Alacriant.

How can we serve you with our laser system?  Please email us at sales@alacriant.com.

Alacriant's Partnership with NEOPAT
Alacriant values its partnership with the Northeast Ohio Foundation for Patriotism (NEOPAT). We have supported the organization and its mission through various donations. In this new year, we will be offering our employees the opportunity to show their support for our war fighters, veterans, and their families.

Representing NEOPAT at the City of Cleveland's Inaugural Veterans Day parade in downtown, Cleveland on Nov. 11  

Alacriant employees/veterans were honored to march on behalf of NEOPAT alongside Cleveland police officers on motorcycle and horseback, bagpipes, and high school marching bands.  Be sure to CLICK HERE for the story that was on cleveland.com and also watch the video.  You will see our Alacriant veterans proudly marching!

Adopting military families and providing them with a holiday they will remember forever.

The business of the holiday season did not stop employees of Alacriant, Inc. from taking time for some extra shopping and gift-giving. Alacriant adopted two military families for the holidays.


"Adopting" a family included shopping for Christmas presents and delivering them in person. In late December, Jeff Berkes, Tina Vanscoy, Susan Lass, Phil White and Michael Taylor went to the home of a five-year Marine Corps veteran and to the home of a 15-year veteran of the National Guard, who is a Chinook helicopter mechanic. While delivering presents, Alacriant representatives and the families bonded over discussions of military experience and our hopes for the new year.


"This isn't about charity, it's about giving back to those who have given so much for our freedom," said Michael Taylor, Special Projects Coordinator.


Laying wreaths on more than 200 graves.

On Saturday, December 13, volunteers and family members of Alacriant, Inc. placed wreaths at 5,300 graves at the cemetery as part of the annual Wreaths Across America event.


Representing Alacriant at the ceremony were: Michael Taylor, Rick Scheel, Bob Klusty, Zech Paul, Derek Lohr, Toni Williams, and Susan Lass.  


Toni Williams said, "Seeing all of the volunteers and the amount of wreaths placed was a very heartwarming experience. It was an honor to be able to give back just a little bit for those who have served and for the families that have endured."


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