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Welcome everybody ...

As so many of you have noticed, we have entered into a time of the most precious high alchemy that we can ever imagine!

Never before on Earth have our personal and collective mindsets had so much influence on the zones of reality we can access and anchor into and yet it is the collective mindsets that is also now allowing the Shamballa Matrix to rise and make itself accessible to all who are open to fine-tune themselves into this zone, for as we know, life is a science of a personal vibration match and merge.

This Matrix is a zone of our highest potential that we all can flow into as our Essence, our Pure nature dominates our bio-system which is always the focus of what we do at the Embassy of Peace and through all our channels as per our new videos on this below.

By providing simple methodology that delivers results, we have always encouraged the game of self mastery and self responsibility especially regarding the mastery of our mental energy. This mastery is required more than ever before especially regarding things like the Coronavirus as fear weakens our immune systems.

As so many now know, what we think and how we choose to perceive life, will not just trigger our emotional state to rise or fall but it will also determine what zones we vibrate into - the zone of duality and chaos or the zone of Grace and peace.

High mental alchemy means saying yes and saying no - clearly - with an understanding via direct experience of how quantum benevolence will always reflect back to us the model of reality that we hold mentally and feel emotionally.

It means setting boundaries as old patterns rise for assessment and new possibilities and ways of being reveal themselves or are presented to us all, in our day to day life, for life is our greatest teacher as we know.

One of the things that I am clear about is the need for us all to share inspirational and uplifting information and I have noticed how well people respond to heartfelt stories and how easy the insights that we gain from these stories, are remembered. And so we have created a few new playlists on our YouTube channel to accommodate this - please enjoy these below as we go into full disclosure about so many important things.

Clarity for me also means simplicity and so we have been busy redesigning all of our social media channels and websites to make navigation easier. While we have retired a number of our YouTube channel playlists these are now in unlisted mode and so are still accessible to those with the links to these lists and videos they contain.

Our work has always been about tuning deeper to and enjoying our pure Essence nature and the personal and global benefits this brings, so in 2020 we continue this theme of enjoying life as a fully awakened being, who is free from all human hungers. For those of you interested in our events you will find our 2020 tour schedule below.

Sending many hugs and thanks to you all for all of your love and support! ❤️
This is Jasmuheen - and Anjie - for the Embassy of Peace.

~ New videos plus new insights on both! ~

See introductory videos below regarding what these channels offer!
Being our Best Version Selves and What we Offer on our Channels with Jasmuheen

In this brief video Jasmuheen shares a little of her early life and what she offers on her YouTube and website channels and why. She writes "This is a channel with methodology for people who are ready to live in the rhythm of health, happiness and harmony within themselves and with all life, a channel that shares methodology for us to be our best version selves and live life to our highest potential individually and collectively."

A Time of Great Peace is Coming with Jasmuheen

Jasmuheen sharing her visions of a world in peace, that we can all step into, and also offering simple programs to achieve this by sharing a little more about the work of the Embassy of Peace. She says - "Our main aim is to put ourselves out of business as we will come into a time where the Embassy and its programs will no longer be required for all on Earth will be in the zone of harmony and peace."

Meeting Mother Mary and the End of Suffering with Jasmuheen

In this addition to Jasmuheen’s Inspiring Real Life Stories playlist, she shares of looking for formula for safe and successful Source Feeding transitioning, when Mother Mary also beamed in and provided the powerful Luscious Lifestyle Program that has now transformed the lives of so many. This 8 point lifestyle - created by 7 Ascended Beings - has now been successfully applied into 55 countries and is delivering the energy of health, happiness and harmony to those who live this.
Angelic Paths and a Divine Dance with Jasmuheen

In this video Jasmuheen shares about her love and the benefits of Sufi Dancing and how in that ecstatic state she connected with the Angelic realms and received the 12 Pathways of Peace and she also offers techniques for eliminating jet lag and also accessing higher levels of creativity plus some powerful quantum coding.

Love or Fear and Global Viruses with Jasmuheen

Part 4 of 4 stories on death and dying. In this video Jasmuheen shares about the various viruses arising in our world - from the Coronavirus to others still to come and how to keep the immune system strong. She also talks about dying and suggests you watch her previous videos on death and dying and when she herself, died and what she learnt and experienced. These can be found at the links below.

Effective Climate Change Action and Prayers - Jasmuheen

Action and prayers and recoding for perfect resolution. A great meditation for positive change. Apply the recoding and share with others so we come into a perfect resolution for all of this in a way that is for the highest good of all!

NEW - Supporting Gaia Meditation plus energizing ourselves - Jasmuheen

In this meditation Jasmuheen guides a way of mutual feeding and support via our own body as we align with Gaia and with the Solar (and beyond) energies by also using spiralling waves of pure love to connect deeper, harmonize with and listen to Gaia ... This is a positive climate change action exercise!

Our new Inspiring Real Life Stories playlist!

A brief Introduction video with Jasmuheen to our NEW inspirational real life stories playlist is at this link.

In this playlist Jasmuheen shares many of the challenges in her own life plus her inspirational insights from it all and also a few stories of others as per some of the videos below and also above as part of the Embassy of Peace background stories.

Effectively Dealing with a Challenging Life - Jasmuheen

In this video Jasmuheen begins this series of inspiring real life stories with sharing of a time in her own life of many big challenges and how she dealt with them and also what she learned.

So many people in our world today are also dealing with huge life challenges - people dying, disease, loss of work or finances, ignoring our hearts call and dealing with the consequences - and as you can see by this video and series, all of this is part of Jasmuheen's journey as well which she shares to help uplift those who may be suffering ... To view ...
Meeting St Germain and Going Global with Pranic Nourishment - Jasmuheen

This video is the second video in the Inspiring Real Life Stories playlist with Jasmuheen as it follows on from the video "Effectively Dealing with a Challenging Life" that details her life before this meeting occurred. In this second story, Jasmuheen shares of almost being emotionally coerced into stepping out onto the global stage with her experiences of being nourished by Prana - Source fed.
This then triggered a massive global movement in the West that has seen over 90,000 people be able to enjoy this freedom of being nourished in a different way. Again Jasmuheen reveals things that may surprise or even have viewers doubting what she shares especially with her meeting with one of the Ascended Masters, Saint Germain and his role in this Pranic Nourishment or Source feeding movement going global.

Meeting Babaji and Inner Net Power with Jasmuheen

In this third very personal story of Jasmuheen’s life she describes the magical web of the innernet that supports us all to fulfil what we are born to do. She also shares of how it was Babaji who helped to launch the Pranic Nourishment reality among his ashrams in Germany in 1997-1998. Within a year there were 5,000 people in Germany who had this freedom.

Future Self Merging and Accessing What we Need for a Successful life - Jasmuheen

In this 4th story of Jasmuheen’s life she shares about how we can access all the gifts, talents and training from all simultaneous - and even parallel time lines - and how this occurred for her in a way that merged her with her future self in 1998. This has allowed her to understand and work with Interdimensional Energy Field Science to understand how Source feeding is possible along with the formula for personal, planetary and universal ascension.

Telepathic Communion, Dying then Choosing to Stay on Earth with Jasmuheen

Part 3 of 4 stories on death and dying. You can see part 1 & 2 at the Inspiring Real Life stories playlist.

In this next video Jasmuheen shares of meeting both her parents after they left their bodies and also of her own death experience. She writes, ‘there is no such thing as death as we exist way beyond this human form and we cannot die until we have completed what we are born to do, even then we can still choose to stay on...’ To view.
Life After Death - Prepare Them for Contact with Jasmuheen

In the next of her Real Life Inspiring stories Jasmuheen shares of her next phase after she had the opportunity to leave her body and being given her next job to ‘prepare them for contact’. As usual she shares with love and humor as she also talks of the need now for full disclosure for those who are now communing with the Intergalactic family from the Unified Realms.
So amusing yet so true!

"The Volunteers" Legends of the 21st century Humans - I particularly enjoyed this telepathic exhange between 2 star children on what life is like when one chooses to descend to Earth and be a part of this time of awakening - click here to view.

In this brief video Jasmuheen introduces some basics for Source Feeding and eliminating all personal and global hungers as per her work with the Embassy of Peace.

New - 2020 - Update - The Pranic Source Feeding Lifestyle with Jasmuheen

New - In this 30 minute video Jasmuheen shares so much more about the Source Feeding or Pranic Living Lifestyle formula to eliminate all human hungers and be a nourishing presence through all realms.

This is an updated 2020 perspective.

Pure Love True Love with Jasmuheen

Jasmuheen sharing about the different types of love and the Pure Love True Love program of the Embassy of Peace.

After a wonderfully successful program with this in Brazil, she will be now also be doing a four day intensive on the True Love Pure Love Program in
  • Mexico in June and
  • Tokyo, Japan in November.

Go to this link for more details or see this data below
Our work has always been about tuning deeper to and enjoying our pure Essence nature and the personal and global benefits this brings, so in 2020 we continue this theme of enjoying life as a fully awakened being, who is free from all human hungers.

2020 Events



  • California – USA – 28th May – 1st June – Palms Springs California – Jasmuheen at Contact in the Desert Gathering – click here for their website – her speaking time is still being organised.

  • Mexico – 6th-7th-8th-9th June – a four day intensive on True Love Pure Love – video data is above –
  • Organiser Conchita – mc.castellanos888@gmail.com


  • Rishikesh, India – 8th – 15th October, 2020 – see below video on this - International Embassy of Peace Retreat - rooms limited as hotel nearly booked out!
  • Organiser – anjie@selfempowermentacademy.com.au

  • China – 23rd – 29th October 2020 – data still to come.

  • Japan – 21st – 24th November 2020 – Tokyo – day intensive – True Love Pure Love Program
  • Organiser – workshop@naturalspirit.co.jp


This is a huge annual gathering in California - that attracts between 4,000-5,000 people each year - of people who are tuning more to our Intergalactic Friends - whose presence is naturally being revealed as the Shamballa Matrix of Unity consciousness strengthens within and around us all! While arrangements are being made for me to present our research and experiences with those from the Unified Realms, so stay tuned at this link to find out more about this gathering this year.
In this brief video Jasmuheen shares about why each retreat is held in various vortices and who is called to affiliate with the Embassy to share their programs either as a living example or as an Ambassadors of Peace.

The next gathering is 8th-15th October 2020 in Rishikesh India but spaces at the hotel are now limited so book soon if this calls you after watching this video and applying what she suggests.

email - anjie@selfempowermentacademy.com.au to find out more about these retreats

As many of you know our agenda at the Embassy of Peace is to eventually put ourselves out of business!

For as the Shamballa Matrix continues to rise there will come a time where
all will live in the deepest peace, until then here are some of the
FREE MANUALS (Harmonization Programs) and research books that we offer.

We hope to release new programs at the Embassy of Peace Training Retreat in India - see below data.

Embassy of Peace Retreat - October 2020

For those of you who are Internationals and interested in attending this uplifting gathering,
please express your interest to