The Alexandria Central Library - Landmark
The Alexandria Central Library is a Gothic structure that houses a rich and diverse collection including a secret off-limits repository of forbidden mystical knowledge. It was built in 1886 and was the only building in Alexandria to survive the 1908 fire. Originally conceived of by Nikolaus the Bloodied as his own personal cache of forbidden magic, Arcane Sentinel mystics usurped the construction project and sealed Nikolaus out via complicated wards. Sentinel mystics occupy and run the building to this day, guarding the cache from the grasp of evil.
The Central Library serves as a source of mystic information for players and given its potential to have stolen forbidden knowledge, the building is heavily warded against evil magic. Players will visit the library for magical research, or to use the standard library collection for non-magic research.

The Central Library is the property of Titan City municipal government, but day-to-day operations and security fall to the Arcane Sentinel, who also guard the magic books, scrolls and artifacts inside. The front section of the library holds ordinary books - literature, encyclopedias, newspaper archives and other documents. This section is fully open to the public. The back of the building is off limits to the general public and contains magical books and scrolls. It also houses acolyte training areas and sanctums for mystic practice.
The Central Library is also surrounded by beautiful gardens that connect the pathway of visitors exploring Museum Row.
The Central Library will be an intriguing spot for players to visit, especially those seeking magic related knowledge, research and to undertake missions of a mystical nature!