Core to Shore TIF To Help Create Growth
Oklahoma City uses a broad economic development strategy, which includes the MAPS programs, general obligation bond improvements for infrastructure, job creation incentives and Tax Increment Financing (TIF). TIF is an important economic development tool which can be utilized in areas where development would otherwise be very difficult.
The Core to Shore Reinvestment Area is a recently approved TIF district which is designed to extend development south from the Central Business District to the Oklahoma River.  The area is envisioned to become a cohesive urban district that merges daytime, evening and weekend uses with a mix of residential, office and commercial development. The reinvestment area includes six TIF districts under one project plan that will ultimately generate a projected $395 million in tax increment revenue.  A TIF Review Committee, made up of taxing jurisdictions and representatives of the business community, and the City Council reviewed and approved the district. 

Core to Shore TIF
Greater OKC Chamber hosts forum on TIFs

 Image courtesy of Greater Oklahoma City Chamber

The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber's Forum brought together a panel of experts to discuss Tax Increment Financing on March 24. The panelists included Carl E. Edwards, Dr. Russell Evans, Forrest "Butch" Freeman and Cathy O'Connor, President of the Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City.

The forum provided information on how Tax Increment Financing works, the oversight and approval process and the districts across Oklahoma City that utilize TIF for development. It also emphasized the importance of TIF being just one of several programs available to the city to encourage growth and development in Oklahoma City.
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GE and Boeing Developments Work Towards Completion
Construction continues on two major economic development projects in the Oklahoma City area. 
GE Global Oil and Gas Research Center

The $125 million GE Global Oil and Gas Research Center located just off of I-235 and 10th  street in downtown Oklahoma City, is working towards an October 2016 opening and plans to employ some of the country's top researchers and attract influencers throughout the state.

As the Boeing Company continues to invest in Oklahoma's economy, construction is ongoing for their new $80 million, 290,000 square-foot facility. The facility is being built on Boeing's Oklahoma City campus near SE 59 th  street and Air Depot. More than half of the new facility will be dedicated to high-tech lab space. The facility is expected to open in May 2016.

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The Alliance was created in 2011 to better serve the economic development needs of Oklahoma City. 

With its collaboration with city and private entities, the Alliance acts as a comprehensive resource for businesses in need of assistance from the public sector.