Fielden Allison

Most people think I’m not as old as they thought I was until they hear me stand up. I’m not against aging it’s just that my body sometimes has other ideas. We often think that an old person is washed up, needs to retire, over the hill, finished, on his death-bed, crumbling, fading, fermenting, slumping, tottery, long in the tooth, decrepit. Get the picture? According to recent studies an older person is on the threshold of productivity. The New England Journal of Medicine reported that a person reaches their "most productive age" between 60 and 70. The second most productive age is between 70-80.  So, whadaya think? Retire? Quit? Throw in the towel? Climb down? Bow out? The question I ask is, retire and do what? 


Abraham is lauded as a great man of faith. He left his “native country..relatives..father’s family” because he believed God. Obviously this wasn’t a spur of the moment decision. Already he had proved his faith by his 75 year life time of obeying God. God called Abraham to be the father of Israel because he was ready. Moses was 80 when God called him to lead. He groaned and complained but he served for another 40 years. Come to think of it, Noah wasn’t a spring chicken himself when God selected him to build the ark. He was 500 years old—course he lived to be 950. Throughout history God has called the aged to do His bidding. Why? Because they were ready to serve. 

What in the world am I trying to say? We who are aging have been called “for just such a time as this.” God is looking at you, for you, and may call on you to serve at any time! 

Are you ready? Here we come!