What We're Doing During COVID-19 to Support Professionals Working with Families

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Families as Allies is doing some new things to support both families and those working with them.

To Doctors: In Honor of National Physician Week

For National Physician Week, Families as Allies salutes physicians who support family-driven practice and those on the front lines of COVID-19.

Virtual Family Support Meeting - April 9th

This meeting is open to any parent or caregiver raising a child who has behavioral mental health challenges. Theres no specific agendawere just here to check in with each other, discuss problems and concerns and support one another through this emotional time. 

Coaching and Support - April 15th

Monthly meeting and online gathering to coach and support parents who are helping other parents in any system.

How the COVID-19 Crisis May Impact Children With Severe Mental Health Conditions & What To Do

One in 4 children will fight a mental health problem Children's Mental Illness Depression Stress & Anxiety Personality Disorders OCD Parenting and mental health Treatment and Support Military Kids and Mental Health.

With Schools Closed, Kids With Disabilities Are More Vulnerable Than Ever

About 14% of U.S. public school students receive special education services. And as schools transition from the classroom to the computer, many of those students could get left behind.

Crisis Hotlines | National Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health

If you are in crisis and need help immediately, please consult one of the toll-free national hotlines listed below or contact your local police or emergency services. 

8 Ways to Support the Mental Health of Children and Teens During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Discover eight ways to best support the mental health of your children and teens during the coronavirus pandemic, according to mental health professionals across the country.