State Plans to Appeal Judge Reeves' Final Ruling in Mental Health Lawsuit

The State of Mississippi has signaled that it plans to appeal Judge Reeves' final ruling in the case of US v. Mississippi.

Bo Bowen's Response to Joy Hogge in Northside Sun

Mr. Bowen points out that the state's mental health system has faced multiple legal challenges for its over-reliance on institutional care since the 1970s.

Joint Legislative Budget Committee Holds Budget Hearing

The joint legislative budget committee held a budget hearing on Friday, Sept. 24. The committee develops the Legislative Budget Recommendation (LBR).

Families as Allies' Joy Hogge on MFP Live with Melody Worsham

Joy Hogge and Melody Worsham were guests on a recent episode of MFP Live, discussing mental health care in Misssissippi.

Don't Forget About Us: Men, Mental Health and Wellness Seminar - Sept. 29

The mental health and wellness of men and boys have been often ignored, even though it can take a substantial toll on their lives.

Stabilizing Housing for Families of Children Who Experience Mental Health and/or Substance Use Challenges - Sept. 30

The HHRC and NFSTAC will share important information about family homelessness and the supports available in this 2-part series.

Virtual Leadership Training - Sept. 30 & Oct 1

This training is for parents, caregivers and staff members who are interested in learning to serve on decision-making groups and committees.

Pre-Employment Transition Services - Oct. 11

In this one-hour session MDRS will provide parents with time and money solutions to help students transition from college to career.

MS Department of Rehabilitation Services (MDRS): Who Are We? - Oct. 14

This session with MDRS will look into each of the agencys four major programs and will point you to the valuable resources available.

Job Placement Services - Oct. 18

In this session the MDRS Team will share resources and expertise to help you find a career and a support system to sustain you.

Hill Day at Home - Oct. 19

Hill Day at Home is your opportunity to urge lawmakers to fund mental health and substance use treatment programs.

8th Annual Virtual Black Family Summit - Oct. 21

Join Mississippi Families for Kids for a Virtual Black Family Summit with keynote speaker Dr. Rashad Ali.

Saving your income with a Mississippi ABLE account - Oct. 25

This session helps you understand ABLE, determine if it is right for you/your child/your family, and how to get more information or sign up.

2021 Virtual NFFCMH Conference - Nov. 4-6

Join this conference with the National Federation of Families featuring great workshops and speakers to educate and empower families.

Parent Resource Program | The Jason Foundation, Inc.

As updates on the impact of COVID-19 continue to be released, we want to take a moment to inform you of the heightened preventative measures we have put in place at The Jason Foundation, Inc. to keep our patients, their families, and our employees safe. All efforts are guided by and in adherence to the recommendations distributed by the CDC.

Suicide & Self-Harm - Child Mind Institute

Resources on risk factors for suicide, how to respond if you're worried a child is suicidal, and self-harm, which can be a warning sign.

How were the COVID vaccines studied in kids? Shaquita Bell, MD

Shaquita Bell, MD explains how the COVID vaccines are studied for use by children.