Dad Blog: Dr. Rodney Washington
We spoke with Dr. Rodney Washington as part of our Dad Blog series to celebrate fathers this Father's Day month of June 2020.

Reflecting on Juneteenth in 2020
As we reflect on Juneteenth as an organization, we are committed to addressing the challenges ALL our children face, and fighting discrimination and racism.

SB 2610: Mental Health Coordinator Bill Goes to Conference Committee
SB 2610, the bill to create a mental health coordinator in Mississippi, has gone to conference committee, as the House and Senate passed different versions.

Update on Mississippi DMH Employment Numbers
The Mississippi DMH contacted us last week to let us know that the number of DMH employees we reported in this January 2020 update was inaccurate.

Virtual Family Support Meeting

This virtual family support meeting is open any families who would like to check in with each other, discuss problems and concerns and support one another through this emotional time.

Register here >>

Save the Dates: Events in July 2020 - Families as Allies
In July, we want to learn from families how to support you as you plan for your children's return to school and you think through issues related to COVID.

COVID-19 Guidance and Prevention for Individuals and the Community - Mississippi State Department of Health

Mississippi State Department of Health
Individuals, communities and organizations are essential to controlling the spread of COVID-19 in Mississippi. The precautions and guidances here can keep you and the state safer and healthier.

District Learning-at-Home and Summer Enrichment Plans

Search for public school learning-and-home and summer plans for you particular district and school.

COVID19 Resources Distribution Recommendations (PDF Document & Online Form)

Moody, Charity

The Mississippi State Department of Health shared these resources for community organizations that want to distribute hand sanitizer and masks in under-served communities.

See the PDF here >>

See the online form here >>