Coreaner Price: Her Life and Work with Family-Driven Practice
Coreaner Price has been with Families as Allies longer than anyone else at the organization. Before working with Families as Allies, she worked at Wal-mart and didnt really expect to have a career in the non-profit or mental health world.  

Artivism: 'Create to Advocate' Youth Art Contest - Families as Allies
Got artistic kids in the house? The National Federation of Families for Childrens Mental Health has launched a new art gallery on their website and theyre hosting the Artivism: Create to Advocate Youth Art Contest this month.

Help Us Celebrate Dads in June - Families as Allies
During the month of June, Families as Allies would like to join with all of you in learning more about the dads in our lives. We need your input.

Clinical Trials: Mental Health Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic

The National Institutes of Health are looking for 5000 volunteers across the country to complete surveys every two weeks about the stress associated with coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants must be 18 or older and be able to read and write in English.

Pilot Project Becomes Mental Health CHAMP During Pandemic
Response to COVID-19 has advanced CHAMP, a pilot project launched in 2018 by UMMC, the Mississippi Department of Mental Health and Families as Allies. Team members say the project's goal - to bridge barriers that separate families in Mississippi from children's behavioral health care through the use of telehealth - fits the needs of pandemic response.

Coaching and Support - Monthly Session - Today @ Noon
Monthly meeting and online gathering to coach and support parents who are helping other parents in any system.

Family Driven Practice Training for Providers - Today @ 3:30 p.m.
This session supports providers in any system who work with families to understand what family-driven practice is and how it benefits families.

Virtual Family Support Meeting - Thursday @ Noon
This virtual family support meeting is open any families who would like to share their thoughts and ideas with each other.

Webinar: ADA, OLMSTEAD AND EPSDT: What Do These Letters Mean? - Friday @ 1:00 p.m.
ADA, OLMSTEAD AND EPSDT: What Do These Letters Mean: Basic ways families can use these laws to advocate for their children will be discussed.

The racial impacts of COVID-19
The COVID-19 crisis is hurting us all, but its not hurting us all equally. News links on the impact of COVID-19 on Black, Indigenous and People of Color and other racialized communities. Regularly updated.

Helpful remote-learning tips for parents in the era of COVID-19

Jackson State University

As remote-learning continues through the end of the school semester, parents have transitioned to educators on a more permanent basis. It is a role that typically entails years of higher education, the completion of licensure or certification requirements, and perhaps, most importantly, patience. In other words, it is not an easy task.