Celebrating the Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed on Monday, July 26, 1990; this year, ADA compliance is key to US v. Mississippi.

Video: The SEEDS Program in Holmes County

Joy Hogge interviews SEEDS Program director Henry Luckett and instructor/mentor Coach Luana Greer from Holmes County.

Families as Allies' Public Comments on Medicaid's Proposed Mississippi Youth Programs Around the Clock (MYPAC) Policy

With the Mississippi Division of Medicaid considering a return of MYPAC, Families as Allies published public comments at the end of July.

Try Out Our New Virtual Family Support Activities!

We're trying two new family support activities this month: "Drop-In Support Time" and "Bring Your IEP and Other School Questions."

Virtual: Drop-In Family Support Time - Aug. 5

This hour is open for any family member to drop in for all or some of the time to share any concerns or get feedback from others about handling different situations.

Free Webinar: Supported Decision-Making in Health Care and Life Planning - Aug. 5

Parent to Parent USA invites you to join this free webinar on Supported Decision-Making presented by Jonathan Martinis.

The Work of SAMHSA's Statewide Family Networks in the Lives of Children with Serious Emotional Disturbance and their Families - Aug. 9

Join SAMHSA for a panel discussion on Aug. 9th with the Executive Directors of three Statewide Family Networks and the Public Health Advisor with the Child, Adolescent and Family Branch who serves as the Project Officer.

An Update on the Latest Treatment Strategies for Suicidal Adolescents and Parents/Caregivers - Aug. 11

Dr. Spirito will overview the role of substance use in adolescent suicidal behaviors, describe treatment techniques and use treatment strategies in this free webinar.

Providing Peer Support in Crisis Services - Aug. 18

Join Cheryl Gagne on Wednesday, August 18 for a free webinar on peer support for people experiencing crisis.

Virtual: Bring Your IEP and Other School Questions - Aug. 19

This hour is open for any family member to drop in for all or some of the time to ask questions or get feedback about IEP issues and other school situations.

Live at the Virtual Barbershop: Supporting Black Students in the Classroom - Aug. 27

Join African-American male leaders from the sector as they explore the relevance of the U.S. education system to the needs of the Black community.

2021 Creating Your Own Path: Successful Transitions for Persons with Autism - Sept. 9

In this presentation, Dr. Schall will discuss her research regarding the impact of COVID-19 on the lives of employed individuals with ASD and the importance of using trauma informed care to ensure that individuals with ASD are able to return to work and school safely.

Mississippi Trauma-Informed Care Virtual Conference - Sept. 22

Participate in up to 8 keynotes and 15 breakout sessions that encourage new coping strategies and resiliency for service providers during this three-day conference.

2021 Virtual NFFCMH Conference - Nov. 4-6

Join this conference with the National Federation of Families featuring great workshops and speakers to educate and empower families.

Olympic Shot Put Star Leads Mental Health Revolution in Comic-Themed Masks

Shot put Olympian Raven Saunders made her Tokyo Olympics debut in a Joker mask. Learn about how shes raising mental health awareness, her career and more.

5 Tips for Handling COVID-19 Vaccine Anxiety

As with anything new, you may feel anxious about the new COVID-19 vaccines. Get expert tips on how to make the right decision in the midst of vaccine anxiety.

Conquering needle phobia for the COVID-19 vaccine | Edward-Elmhurst Health

Experts are worried that people with a fear of needles, also known as trypanophobia, may avoid getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

A user's guide: How to talk to those hesitant about the Covid-19 vaccine

STAT spoke with experts on the frontlines to create this guide on how best to handle difficult conversations about vaccine hesitancy.

Don't assume your child wants a COVID-19 vaccine, parents and public health experts warn

A registered nurse who assumed her teenage son would be eager to get the COVID-19 vaccine was shocked to learn he was vaccine hesitant. She is joining public health officials and infectious disease experts who say an "open conversation" with kids about COVID-19 vaccines could fight hesitancy.