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February 3, 2022

The Ally: The Power of One Parent's Voice


I am fortunate. My job continually reminds me of the power of one parent's voice. I cannot think of anything better of which to be reminded. As we put together this week's newsletter, I was particularly struck by that fact.

I am excited to share our new brochure about parent peer support with you. I hope it brings home to you as much as it does to me what a difference it makes for one parent who has been through something to support another parent going through the same thing. I hope it conveys the power of one parent's voice - a voice that can honestly say "I know," "I understand," "I am here."

This week, we also share a follow-up survey from the National Federation of Families. Our national organization comprises tens of thousands of individual parents, each a powerful voice. The survey asks about challenges families currently face in this stage of dealing with COVID. Your experience and insights can make a difference in national practices and policies. Your voice is powerful. Your experience is unique. What you share could make a difference for many. I hope you will take a few minutes to complete the survey

The power of one parent's voice can also make a difference at the state legislature. Bills are being voted on by the full House and Senate from now through February 10. Several of these bills are about very relevant issues to our children. What you think matters. You know what will help your child. We encourage you to contact your legislator about the bills that matter to you and tell them what you think should happen. Our legislative update explains how to look up bills and contact legislators, but remember you already know the most important thing—you know your child and what they most need.

Don't ever doubt the power of your individual voice, but also know that there are many of us standing together with you. Standing together, we can, and will, make things better for our children.

Please join us for our virtual Drop-In Family Support Time on February 3 at noon. No need to register - drop in any time during the hour. The Mississippi Division of Medicaid – Medical Care Advisory Committee Meeting meets on February 4 at 1 p.m. If you are a dad in Jackson Public Schools, don't forget the Jackson Public Schools Dads' Summit this Saturday from 9 - noon. Check out our events section for more opportunities to learn from and support each other. 

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[Top Photo by Melany Rochester on Unsplash]


This week we’re keeping track of bills in the Mississippi State Legislature related to mental health that might still become law.
Our parent peer support brochure offers information about parent peer support opportunities in mental health in Mississippi.
The National Federation of Families encourages you to participate in their survey on the impacts of the pandemic within your family.


Family members may drop in to share any concerns or get feedback from others about handling different situations.
Monthly gatherings will focus on a specific topic, provide tips and tools, and offer the opportunity to network with other families.
The Mississippi Division of Medicaid Medical Care Advisory committee meeting will meet on Friday, Feb. 4th at 1 p.m.
JPS dads and father figures will receive free medical checks and learn helpful tips on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Join the MS Parent Training Information Center and learn tips to help prepare for and have more productive IEP meetings.
Join other parents for a monthly meeting and online gathering to coach and support other parents in any system.
The Joint Planning and Advisory Council meeting will be held virtually Thu, Feb 10, 2022, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (CST).
Join the MS Parent Training Information Center and learn seven important steps in the Special education process.
This webinar will describe the early factors that influence a child’s risk and resilience for substance use and what parents need to know.


LAUREL, Miss. (WHLT) – The Children’s Specialty Clinic of Laurel will begin seeing patients during the first week of March.

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