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March 23, 2022

The Ally: The Power of Peer Support


The power of peer support ... these words kept going through my mind as we put together this week's edition of the Ally. I remembered Natalie Moore's touching words about her journey at Mental Health and Wellness Day at the Capitol. I reflected on the difference that Pauline Rogers has made to so many others by sharing her experiences. I thought about all the doors that are opening for parent peer support and I looked forward to the next parent peer support training May 16 - 20.

There is nothing so simple, yet so powerful, as one person who has been through something helping another person who is on the same journey. Please help us spread the word about the power of peer support, especially to parents who might be interested in the parent peer support training in May.

Our Leadership Training Graduates Coaching and Support Group meets on March 23rd from noon - 1:00 p.m. CDT. Leadership Training graduates are encouraged to attend, but the group is open to anyone interested in policy.  

Thank you for being so patient with our webinar technical difficulties last week. The webinar, What is a System of Care and What Does Wraparound Mean? is rescheduled for March 24th at 2:00 p.m. CDT. What is a System of Care and How Does the Interagency Coordinating Council for Children and Youth Fit Into It? is March 31st at 2:00 p.m. CDT.

The link to our public comments on the Division of Medicaid's psychiatric residential treatment facility policy in last week's newsletter cut off some content. Here is the corrected link to the comments.

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We encourage any parent of caregiver who has an interest in parent peer support to take the training we offer in Mississippi.
In US v. Mississippi, US attorneys filed a rebuttal to argue that they should be allowed to meet with the CMHCs without the State’s attorneys.

From NAMI Mississippi: "Thanks to everyone who virtually attended our annual advocacy program on March 10! Special thanks to the planning committee and presenters who brought a wealth of knowledge and insight. Please share with those who want to play a role in engaging our legislators to advocate for mental health."

Recently the Mississippi Free Press spoke with Pauline Rogers, the founder of the RECH Foundation, on their MFP Live online video program. Editor Donna Ladd and Publisher Kimberly Griffin discussed Pauline's experience of going to prison and how she realized essential re-entry services for people who have served their sentence.  

We're featuring that discussion this week for two reasons. First, Pauline represents a faithful peer supporter, serving as a model we can follow when we look to support our peers in the systems they encounter. 

Second, Pauline is a fabulous leader—one of WJTV's Remarkable Women of 2021—acting out of her desire to help people in whose shoes she has always walked. So, we celebrate her as we are celebrating other fabulous women during Women's History Month!


The 43rd Juvenile Justice Symposium will be held virtually and in person in Biloxi, MS on March 23 to 25, 2022.
The conference will address family engagement, managing daily needs, transitions from early intervention to school, and more.
This group will focus on opportunities for leadership training graduates to serve on decision-making groups, provide coaching guidance.
This webinar explains the infrastructure of Mississippi’s system of care and the laws that tell how it is supposed to function.
This webinar explains the infrastructure of Mississippi’s system of care and the laws that tell how it is supposed to function.
A status conference regarding the first monitoring report in the U.S. v. Mississippi mental health lawsuit is scheduled for April 4, 2022.
The FREDLA will host a virtual event designed for parent peer support providers, supervisors, administrators or policy-makers.
Family members may drop in to share any concerns or get feedback from others about handling different situations.
This month’s gathering will bring parents/caregivers to talk about experiences, best practices initiatives, and how to navigate the system.


JACKSON, Miss. (Mississippi Today) – A watchdog group tasked with overseeing the state’s psychiatric facilities is suing the Department of Mental Health for withholding information – again. D…
With new insight into borderline personality disorder (BPD) and more successful treatment, experts now recommend diagnosing and treating it in adolescence.
On February 25, President Biden nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court to fill the upcoming vacancy due to the retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer.
The national CMHAW campaign, previously known as Children's Mental Health Awareness Week, is now known as Children's Mental Health ACCEPTANCE Week. This significant shift to "acceptance" speaks more directly to our goal for the campaign - to eliminate prejudice and discrimination that individuals with a mental illness diagnosis or symptoms experience.

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