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                                   September , 2018     Volume 3 Issue 3

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Industry News

Do you have Black Label Security Containers that are no longer in service? Now is the perfect time to spend your remaining budget and replace them with Red Label GSA-Approved Class 6 Security Containers from Alpha Safe. 

As you may be aware, Federal Standard 809D is now in full effect. We covered the new Federal Standard in the previous issue of the Alpha Safe Insider, but just in case you did not have the opportunity to view it, we have included it here again. Please click on the image to the right or the link below to find out what the new Federal Standard could mean for you.

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Upcoming Events / Important Dates

The end of the 2018 fiscal year is upon us. Get the most out of your remaining budget by purchasing a GSA-Approved Class 6 Security Container from Alpha Safe. Not sure how to order? We have you covered. Click the link below or the image to the right to find out how you can purchase an Alpha Safe Security Container.

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More in Industry News

Prices for GSA-Approved Security Containers may be on the rise within the very near future. The tariffs imposed on imported steel and aluminum have had dramatic effects on the overall market. Now, more than ever, is the time to make your purchase for GSA-Approved Security Containers before the prices increase!

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