June 14, 2022
Achieving Success Through Growth & Security
Thank you for spending a few minutes with the Buzz! In this edition, we check in with Kinaxis to learn how their certification program is driving growth and engagement by expanding their digital badging program. We also highlight how Alpine’s commitment to security doesn’t stop at providing our customers with exam security solutions (i.e., prevent, detect, mitigate, enforce). It has also compelled us to achieve and maintain ISO/IEC 27001:2013 accreditation, assuring our customers that their data is safe with Alpine.

Please enjoy this edition of the Buzz and do not hesitate to contact us to exchange ideas on how, together, we can continue creating validity-centered solutions that to support your program and:

·       better mitigate security risks and other threats to validity;
·       better fit the ever-accelerating pace of change and value propositions desired by
your stakeholder groups, including the engagement expectations of Millennials
and Gen-Z; and,
·       better position and apply assessment as a valuable ally in one’s journey as a life-
long learner.

Best regards,

Brian Adams
President & CEO of Alpine Testing Solutions, Inc.

At Kinaxis Digital Badging Momentum is Building ROI
Via CertMetrics & Credly

Since Kinaxis launched their digital badging program in March 2020, growth and recognition of candidates is flourishing.

“We have had remarkable success with our digital badging program strategy, which continues to increase our brand awareness, drive engagement, and more fully recognize people who become certified."

"...We just crossed the 10,000-badge threshold and are going strong.”

--Joe Cannata, Director of Certification, Kinaxis
Security...It's a Big Deal to Alpine & to Audit Liaison!

Why Alpine is Fully Invested in ISO 27001:2013 Accreditation 

"Our clients need to have complete confidence that Alpine is taking the utmost measures to secure
their data." 

--Brian Adams, President & CEO, Alpine Testing Solutions


Please join us for Part 1 of our Summer Security Webinar Series.
Corina Owens, Ph.D., Psychometric Solution Designer & Senior Psychometrician, and Tara Miller, Technical Solution Designer, will host this engaging webinar on test security with emphasis on supporting small to midsize certification programs through the power of CertMetrics Data & Reporting. Register today!

June 29th, 2:00 - 3:00 pm, Eastern

ATP 2022 Innovations in Testing Conference
Check out the some of the session information we provided.

Featured Sponsor Presentation—Alpine Testing Solutions

Tracey Hembry, Gina Raney, and Steve Hegerhorst
(Alpine Testing Solutions)

Marco Alves (NVIDIA), Sarah Hughes and Laura Brooks
(Alpine Testing Solutions)

Ken Salchow and Heidi Schreifels (F5 Networks)
Jill van den Heuvel (Alpine Testing Solutions)

NCME 2022 Annual Meeting
Check out the presentation and paper Dr. Russell Smith provided.

(Included in Cheating Detection: A Collaborative Case Study Using IT Certification Exams)

Russell Smith (Alpine Testing Solutions)