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 April, May have been great but June will be too.
April is coming to an end and what a month it was. We kept quite busy this month with a variety of project. This month we have, replaced a few toilets, re caulked countless tubs and showers, repaired a set of old cabinet doors, filled every drywall blemish in a condo and painted the entire place, built some access panels, Installed two reserved parking signs and many other small jobs. We even had a weekend at the cottage, to get the water running and the septic tank running smoothly. We hope you all enjoyed your April as much as we did and that you enjoy what we have in store for you to read down below.  
Tip of the Month

With those pesky April showers out of the way and the beautiful May flowers and sunshine on the horizon we thought it might be a good idea to share our natural window cleaning solution with all of you. It's a low cost, environmentally friendly way to make your windows sparkle.

Up-Cycling 101: Tire Planters

You have likely gone to your local garage and swapped your winter tires for your summer ones or maybe that is still on your todo list either way, If your tires, winter or summer are on there last legs, turning them into a planter is an amazing way to give them new life and keep them from sitting in a land fill for years to come. My Vanaisa (Grandpa) would do this all the time. In fact we have one at the entrance to our cottage that he built before I (Erik) was born. Below is an instructional video on how you make one of these tire planters. If you give it a shot, we'd love your feedback on how it went.

How To Make a Rubber Tire Planter

Tips: A fine tooth saw or jig saw also works very well for cutting the tire. Just be sure whatever you use is sharp, as that will both cut faster and keep you safer.
Getting The Best Bang For Your Hard Earned Buck

With the market as hot as it is, we've heard some of our customers talking about cashing in on their homes and either moving north or just downsizing to a smaller place like a condo. So we thought why not write and article on what makes buyers fall in love with a house. Check it out in the link below.