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We Believe in Second Chances

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people who are justice-impacted reenter their communities with high hopes of making a fresh start. We are all more than our mistakes and deserve the chance to thrive — despite and because of our lived experiences

At The LOHM, we believe that everyone should have access to opportunities that support career advancement and economic mobility no matter what their record says. Our unapologetic commitment to second chances celebrates yet extends beyond the month of April and is amplified in our daily work to end poverty and incarceration of women and girls.

This Second Chance Month, it’s time to realize that criminal convictions do not define people and every person has dignity and potential. We hope you will continue to support our work as we make sure that this happens.

Show Me the Ways

Pathways 4 Equity

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Women being unemployed is disruptive to families and communities. Our Pathways 4 Equity (P4E) program breaks employment barriers by connecting talented women to professional fellowships with advancement opportunities and family-supporting wages.

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Yesterday we celebrated our 2022 fellows as they embark on their new career pathways! Watch now to hear their reflections on the program and listen to testimonials from our employer partners.


Invest in Your Community

Besides it being the right thing to do, there are good business reasons for investing time to ‘do good’ – especially in your local community. Start small and be consistent! Acorns teams up with The LOHM founder and CEO, Topeka K. Sam to share 3 easy ways you can invest in your community.

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ICYMI: The LOHM Events


FOWI Veterans Cohort

The Faces of Women Imprisoned (FOWI) 2022 Veterans cohort in partnership with Veterans of Virtue focused on holistic healing and advocacy for women veterans and active-duty members impacted by the criminal legal system.

Hear from FOWI graduates as the #ChangetheNarrative and use their stories to advance, frame, and broaden the conversation around the parallels between the military and legal system and the traumatic effect it has on women, families, and communities.

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EPIC Ambassadors 2022

Join us in celebrating our inaugural EPIC Ambassadors Fellowship Graduation! This program trains women who are impacted by the criminal legal system to be legislative advocates, grassroots organizers, and lobbyists.

Hear reflections from the EPIC Ambassadors and messages from our CEO, Topeka K. Sam, Congresswoman Shontel Brown, and Carlton Miller, Director of Criminal Justice at Arnold Ventures.


The LOHM X The Pull Up Fund

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Community Foundation Awards $1.8 Million to The LOHM 

The LOHM is expanding our reach into Prince George's County, Maryland and we are excited to announce the generous support of Pull Up Fund, founded by Sam Brin.

"Meeting Topeka and hearing her story was truly eye-opening for me. I was inspired after learning about the work being done by The LOHM for women and girls who have been impacted by the criminal legal system. I wanted to find a way to bring these types of programs to my hometown of Prince George's County, MD. The prospect of a Hope Hub in Prince George's was incredibly exciting for me, and I am thrilled for this project to get off the ground," said Pull Up Fund Founder Sam Brin.

Pull Up Fund's mission is to pull up to underserved communities, and connect them with the resources they need to thrive. Pull Up Fund has contributed $1.8 million to The LOHM in support of a new Hope Hub in Prince George's County. These funds will help provide access to affordable housing, quality education, and career training programs for the county's residents.

The LOHM is grateful for the support of the Pull Up Fund and its belief in our EPIC vision to End Poverty and Incarceration of women and girls.

Become a Champion

"The American Dream Belongs to All of Us."

― Kamala Harris, U.S. Vice President


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