Do you Worry About Material Declarations and Hazardous Material?

Questions consistently arise involving material compliance specifications. Since the world is constantly inventing new materials and trying its best to recycle the old, customers want to know (on a chemical level) what it is that they are buying. This is what leads the market heavily into the RoHs, REACH, Proposition 65, and Conflict Mineral classifications. We are approached about our material compliance frequently because of our high standards of manufacturing and are quickly growing a database to provide answers to our customers in a more timely manner. Material declarations are one sector of business that is often swept under the table by companies. 
The European Union has strict regulations concerning chemicals that might be hazardous to humans or the environment. Most small US companies without European customers feel they can ignore those regulations; however, Whitney Blake has taken a different stand. We believe in good manufacturing practices, in anticipating problems, and most of all in protecting our clients. Read More >>

Meet Our Team: Le Borofsky

 As Assistant Controller, Le contributes to the process improvements in different aspects of company operations.  She, with her family, snuck away during the night and left everything behind in Hanoi Vietnam. She is a true believer of the American Dream.   

“It is true that our great country provides for
opportunities to all. With hard work and perseverance,
it is possible to be successful.” 

It is with great pride that we celebrate Le’s accomplishments and greatly appreciate and remember our military heroes this Memorial Day.

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