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May/June 2018 Newsletter
Dear friends,
The Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture recently celebrated the opening of the American School exhibition, themed "Do Not Try to Remember," in Venice. Under the direction of co-curators Dean Hans Butzer and professors Luca Guido and Michael Hoffner, the exhibition was beautifully executed in a 15th century palace on the Grand Canal in Venice. By weaving together incredible imagery, a graphically engaging timeline, and shingles inspired by Herb Greene's famed Prairie House, the exhibit is sure to delight visitors with the unlikely story of Bruce Goff and his American School proteges.

This edition of the American School Newsletter provides several  preview images of the exhibition, an exciting reveal of two incredible Bruce Goff projects that have been digitally reconstructed by our partners at Skyline Ink, and information about our next American School exhibit, " Renegades at Bizzell."
Thank you for your continued interest in the American School Project at the OU Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture. We look forward to providing you with more exciting updates soon.

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Stephanie Pilat
Director, Division of Architecture
Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture
The University of Oklahoma
American School Exhibition Opens in Venice
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As seen above, the American School exhibit, themed "Do Not Try to Remember," officially opened as part of the "Time Space Existence" event hosted by the European Cultural Center during the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale. The exhibit, which features a timeline of Bruce Goff's life as well as key American School and twentieth century architectural events, alongside images of American School projects, will be on display until November 25, 2018, at Palazzo Bembo on the Grand Canal. For more information, contact  Luca Guido.
Skyline Ink Brings Goff Projects to Life
Streaming online at

Above: Screenshots of the Bavinger House (left) and Crystal Chapel (right) animated walkthroughs by Skyline Ink.
Just in time for the Venice Biennale, award-winning animation and illustration studio  Skyline Ink has partnered with the American School Project to produce richly animated walkthroughs of two important American School designs: Bruce Goff's Ledbetter House (1955) and Goff's Crystal Chapel (1949) design. Originally prepared for the 2010 Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art exhibition, "Bruce Goff: A Creative Mind," these animations have been remastered to allow for a hyper-real tour experience. For more information about the American School Project's partnership with Skyline Ink, contact  Elizabeth Pober.
Save the Date: "Renegades at Bizzell" Opens Sept. 22
Bizzell Library, Main Level Exhibition Space
Opens Sept. 22, 2018

Above: OU Libraries exhibits coordinator David Davis measures a drawing by Jim Gardner for "Renegades at Bizzell."
Join us on Sept. 22, 2018, for the opening of "Renegades at Bizzell: Bruce Goff and the American School of Architecture." This exhibit is a partnership between the Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture and OU Libraries, and it will highlight pieces of the American School Archive. OU Libraries Dean Emeritus Rick Luce recently expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership, "We are thrilled to welcome this archive into our Western History Collections and to collaborate on an exhibition highlighting this pinnacle moment in American architecture and pedagogy." For more information about the exhibit, contact  Luca Guido. If you would like to donate materials to the American School Archive, please contact Erik Baker.
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