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Sept 2022 | Vol 4 Issue 9

Product Updates

The September release is a quarterly update and contains several updates. For more details, visit

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Database Dates

This is a reminder to install the September release for the MaxCASS OS databases.


Install By Date: Oct 30, 2022

Expiration Date: Dec 29, 2022


Visit our Technical Support website to download the latest version.

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Tech Tip of the Month

Best Day to Send a Direct Mail Campaign

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday 
  • Thursday

These are the best days to send a direct mail campaign because most recipients are well into the flow of the workweek and are more likely to be home 

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CASS Database Date Change

Don't forget the USPS recently announced that changes have been made that affect the dates of usability for database products that are used as part of CASS processing. This includes ZIP+4 data, DPV data, LACSLink data, SuiteLink data, and other related products. These changes were put into the Domestic Mail Manual in 39 CFR Part 111, in section 602-Addressing. These changes go into effect on October 1, 2022.

How Anchor is Reacting

Anchor is taking measures to update all of our software products that use CASS data to accommodate these changes. The products affected by these changes are listed below:


  • MaxCASS OS
  • AddressPro
  • Anchor Coder API
  • Mainframe Callable API
  • Address Verifier
  • MaxDup OS
  • Deceased


The following changes to Anchor’s software products will be made as a result of the USPS changes listed above:


  1. Starting with the October 1, 2022 database product, database release dates will be shown with the new official release day of the 1st of the month.
  2. Starting with the October 1, 2022 database product, the CASS database will expire at the appropriate date according to the new DMM requirements. The expiration date and the remaining days until expiration will be calculated using the new values outlined in the DMM changes.
  3. Starting on the calendar date of October 1, 2022, PS-3553forms generated by CASS software will use the new calculation method for the last-allowable-mailing date. The 3553-form fields affected are C.a.2 (ZIP+4/DPV Validation Period), C.c.2 (5-Digit Coded Validation Period), C.d.2 (CRRT Coded Validation Period), and C.e.2 (eLot Assigned Validation Period).
  4. Anchor will take measures to adjust the LINK data products that we provide to our customers so that current Anchor software will continue to function after the October 1, 2022 product is released.
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The Time-Limited Price Change

The USPS has created a FAQ page for additional information with regards to the 2022 temporary price increase for Commercial Domestic Parcel products.

Pricing is effective October 2nd, 2022. 

More Information

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USPS Stamps

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These stamps will release on September 30th, 2022.


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