The Angle | April 2018
Child360's Monthly Newsletter
Celebrating the Week of the Young Child
The Week of the Young Child™ is around the corner! To make your celebration that much more meaningful, we crafted fun activities for each day, which complement the daily themes dreamed up by the NAEYC.
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The month of April brings a multitude of celebrations to Child360—Staff Appreciation Week, Earth Day, and the annual Week of the Young Child. All of these celebrations are unique in their own right, yet each shares a powerful theme of reflection and gratefulness; a combination that often generates the motivation that builds a better tomorrow.
Book Picks
April 22 marks Earth day – the opportunity to say thank you to Mother Earth. It is our hope these selections will keep the environmental conversation past the 22nd, and will empower your child to know they have the potential to make the world a better place.
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