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Dear Friends of Annandale Village,   

AnnandaleVillageLogoWe hope that you will find the March edition of The Annandale Reach to be a point of inspiration, and with your continued support, a celebration of our current and future successes. 

It is a time of exciting growth and development at Annandale Village. As you will read below, our capacity to serve individuals with developmental disabilities is expanding and receiving national acclaim.  More importantly, our Villagers are experiencing new and exciting opportunities that continually improve and enrich their quality of life.  

As a friend, family member, and/or community businesss leader, we thank you for being part of our continued success.
Annandale Breaks Ground on The Amy Somers Center For Continued Care
Annandale Village - Amy Somers FamilyA long-time donor to Annandale Village, the Somers family has helped the organization purchase its first
bus, and even a horse barn. But its latest gift, in the name of daughter and sister Amy, is its most substantial.


At a groundbreaking ceremony on Friday, Annandale celebrated The Amy Somers Center for Continued Care with residents, dignitaries and other officials. The one-story assisted living facility, which will support 16 residents in private and semi-private rooms, was funded through a $2.1 million capital campaign that began in November.


"We wanted to do something substantial for Annandale Village because they've done so much for us, and for Amy," said Lisa Jackson, the sister of the facility's namesake. "We wanted to do something in honor of Amy ... and this seemed like a great fit."


Somers is a nine-year resident of the facility and has been supported by three levels of care. The Somers family donated more than $500,000 of the $1,075,000 that's been contributed toward the campaign, said Keith Fenton, chief development officer at Annandale. Fenton added that $130,000 of the total has been accounted for in the last two days. 

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Annandale Village - The Amy Somers Center for Continued Care

D. Scott Hudgens Center for Skilled Nursing Named "Best Nursing Home"

For the third consecutive year, the D. Scott Hudgens Center for Skilled Nursing of Annandale Village has received the prestigious "five-star" ranking in U.S. News & World Report's annual Best Nursing Homes, released today. Of more than 15,500 nursing homes in the United States, the Center ranked highest among all nursing homes in the state of Georgia, and is the only nursing home in Gwinnett County to be awarded the five-star rating.

U.S. News's evaluation of nursing homes is based on data from Nursing Home Compare, a consumer website run by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Nursing Homes earn an overall rating of one to five stars, as well as up to five stars in each of three underlying categories: health inspections, nurse staffing, and quality of care. U.S. News updates each nursing home's ratings data quarterly.


"It is an outstanding achievement for Annandale Village to receive top honors, assuring that our residents are receiving the highest level of care. The five star rating speaks not only to the quality of clinical care we provide, but to the compassion and commitment of our dedicated staff," said Adam Pomeranz, chief executive officer of Annandale Village.  

Ken & Kim:  A Sibling Relationship Transformed

Annandale Village - Ken and KimWhen we were growing up I knew my brother, Ken, was different. I always felt like I had to protect and take care of him.  As a child it was difficult to see my little brother being picked on by others. My heart would hurt so much for him. I would have traded places with him in a minute to make his pain go away.


I remember him being very energetic and getting into things.  For example, Ken would routinely display his creative talents by drawing up and down the hallway of our childhood home.  One day, when I was about six years old, I found my Mom crying because a doctor had told her Ken would never live a "normal" life.  This is when I truly knew that Ken was indeed different.


From the beginning, my parents had completely opposite opinions on how to raise Ken. My Dad wanted to teach Ken to be as independent as possible, while my Mom wanted to keep him in a protective environment. My Mother's unwillingness to allow Ken to make choices, decisions, and establish friendships left him unable to develop fully as an individual.

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Annandale's Jazzy Thing Scheduled for May 12, 2012 
Annandale Village - Jazzy Logo

Mark your calendars!  On Saturday, May 12, 2012 more than 800 individuals and community business leaders will, once again, join together in the spirit of caring and giving for Annandale's 19th annual signature event, Annandale's Jazzy Thing.


Presented through the generosity of our Legacy Sponsor, The Enterline Foundation, attendees of Annandale's Jazzy Thing will experience an evening of exquisite cuisine, world-class casino games, an exciting silent auction, live entertainment, music, and the Arts Bazaar featuring the unique and beautiful artwork created by people with developmental disabilities and other local artists. Recognized as one of the most anticipated and best charitable events in our community, Annandale's Jazzy Thing raises urgently needed funds to provide progressive life assistance to individuals that would have little to no access to necessary services.


One-hundred percent of the proceeds raised through this important event allows Annandale the opportunity to provide programs and services to individuals and families that would otherwise have little to no access to vital services. In the past five years, Annandale has provided $1,155,164 in fee assistance to families that have been impacted by the poor economy, and could not afford some or all of the services of Annandale. Therefore, we hope you will choose to support this important event by becoming a sponsor or ticket holder. 


To learn more about opportunities to support this year's event or to purchase your tickets today, CLICK HERE or call us at (770) 932-4887.


Success Under The Arches of McDonald's

Annandale Village - Success Under the Arches

Vickie Thomas, Annandale's Supportive Employment Coordinator, considers the recent employment at McDonald's of Sugarhill for four our Villagers to be a 'wonderful opportunity for our residents to become productive workers in the community'.


The vocational program at Annandale begins with an evaluation of work-related skills in the on-grounds workshop, where the Villagers can earn while receiving training. Vickie reaches out to businesses in the local community both for contracts to supply much-needed tasks in the workshop, but also to inquire about meaningful employment off-grounds to fulfill Annandale's mission for our residents to reach their fullest potential as independent adults in the community-at-large. 

- Read more about Annandale's vocational program

Capital Campaign Reaches Milestone Toward $2.1 Million Goal 

Annandale Village - Fundraising ThermometerThe mercury continues to rise on the fundraising thermometer of our $2.1 million capital campaign, Help For Today - Hope For Tomorrow.  Since the capital campaign was launched in November of 2011, $1,085,000 has been raised through the generosity of many philanthropic supporters. 


Through the Help For Today - Hope For Tomorrow campaign, Annandale Village aims to reach a new level of recognized excellence by expanding its capacity to serve the ever-growing disability population. In short, the objectives of the capital campaign include:  

  • Completely renovate and expand the existing Laura Grier Center for Special Care which would effectively double the number of individuals we are currently capable of serving at the nationally recognized D. Scott Hudgens Center for Skilled Nursing.
  • Construct The Amy Somers Centers for Continued Care to meet the needs of individuals experiencing a decrease in independent living skills due to aging and/or characteristics of their disability.
  • Renovate the existing Jackson Day House to accommodate safety issues, ensure structural integrity and functionality, abate water damage, and to provide new spaces for expanded offerings in vocational and daily living skills training.
  • Invest in a campus-wide technology improvement plan, allowing Annandale to significantly upgrade its technology infrastructure and systems to more effectively and efficiently serve the needs of its clients.
  • Increase the Fee Assistance Fund to provide programs and services to individuals and families that may not have the financial means and/or would have little to no access to necessary services.

To learn more about the Help For Today - Hope For Tomorrow campaign, please contact our Chief Development & Marketing Officer, Keith Fenton, at (770) 932-4887.

Something Is Cooking at Annandale

Annandale Village - Cooking ClassOf all the rooms in a home, the kitchen holds our fondest memories. In my house the aroma of freshly sizzling bacon seem to magically lure everyone to the breakfast table. The kitchen is the place where our favorite meals are created, birthday feasts are lovingly prepared, and the magical location where indelible memories are created around our holiday celebrations. In the program center we are building on our villagers' happy memories of their childhood kitchen experiences in our Cooking Class.

Once a week we are in class cooking learning and cooking but we hold class every day to keep the number of participants small so everyone can lend a hand; this week our hands were in pizza dough! Our classes are cycled around a central theme and this month we are studying about and creating with yeast. During our current cycle we are learning what the one cell yeast fungi can do in the kitchen.

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Meet Michele Glaser, Annandale's Chief Compliance Officer

Annandale Village - Michele GlaserAs Annandale's Chief Compliance Officer and Villager Advocate, Michele Glaser oversees the village's continuous quality improvement program.  Elements of this program include, state licensing and contractual regulation compliance, policy and procedure development and monitoring, department and Village-wide quality improvement project planning and resource development, Village safety considerations and needs, obtaining satisfaction and improvement feedback from Villagers, employees, and family members/guardians, and risk management review and mitigation.


Michele also oversees Annandale's employee training program. She both seeks out and facilitates relevant trainings and encourages the managers of each department to do the same. Due to her diligence, over 2,000 employee hours were logged in 2011 alone.

- Read more about Michele Glaser's role as Chief Compliance Officer

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