Dear Northwest Christian Elementary Families,

This morning, in elementary chapel, I will be introducing our annual "Red Letter Challenge" and I am so excited! I will be joined by Roger Munchian, the head of one of the nation's largest prison ministries, "Rescued, Not Arrested".

As part of this Red Letter Challenge tradition, you and your student are invited to establish the discipline of daily time in God’s Word as you follow a simple Bible reading plan. Following the Bible reading plan found at this link, you will be joining Mr. Brown and many other Crusaders as we read through the Gospels together. Starting tomorrow, Thursday, October 28th, reading just one chapter per day, and finishing on Monday, January 24th, your elementary-aged student will come face-t0-face with Jesus in a powerful way!

Would you consider joining your student in a daily time of Bible study using this year's Red Letter Challenge? Imagine the impact of daily time in God's Word with your student!

Additionally, this year, as a testimony to the life-changing nature of God's Word, we are challenging our students to join us in partnership with “Rescued, Not Arrested” and work to earn funds to buy Bibles that RNA will distribute into prisons across the United States. To accomplish this, today in chapel, I will be asking our students to consider how they could work hard at a task to earn $5.00 that we would collect on Tuesday, January 25th, with their completed Bible reading plan. All of these funds will be directed towards "Rescued, Not Arrested" to purchase and distribute Bibles!

To be sure, reading God’s word daily is its own reward but as we first seek to establish this discipline in young lives, it can be fun to establish incentives as extrinsic reminders of those intrinsic rewards. Towards that end, every elementary student that turns in an up-to-date Red Letter reading form by Tuesday, January 25th and works to earn the $5 to purchase a Bible for a prisoner will join Mrs. Underwood, Mr. G, and I for trip to Baskin Robbins for free ice cream! In addition, twenty students will be randomly drawn to enjoy an afternoon with Mrs. Underwood, Mr. G, and I at the H2WHOA waterslide at Lake Pleasant!

Geoff Brown
Northwest Christian School
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