The A-Blast of News and Events from the
Church of the Annunciation

The Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost:
October 10, 2021
A cartoon by the Rev. Jay Sidebotham. Copyright Church Pension Fund. Used with permission.
From the Rector:
Service Times and a Survey
Dear People of Annunciation,

The timing of public worship is usually one of the most consistent aspects of parish life. Generally, congregations set service times and leave them alone, even over decades. Prior to the pandemic, we held Sunday services at 8:00 and 10:30 a.m. for most of the year and at 9:00 a.m. during the summer. We also held Thursday services at 9:30 a.m. I am aware that Annunciation had other patterns in former years, but this one was well established for at least 15 to 20 years.
Like many things, this routine was upended by the pandemic. During the time when we had no in-person congregation, we began livestreaming all our liturgies at 9:30 a.m. to keep a consistent time. It also seemed to be a reasonable hour given that no one was driving to church. As we began to reopen the church to the public, we created other liturgies around the 9:30 time to permit physical distancing and to ensure that the number of people in attendance at any one liturgy was limited. During late Spring 2020 and from Advent until Pentecost, we held three services on Sundays. 
The change in service times revealed new feedback. Many people noted that the 9:30 service time made it possible to beat the worst of the beach traffic on the causeway. This was clearly the most popular time when we conducted a survey this past May. In the interests of maintaining physical distancing and allowing time for Thom to practice with a soloist, we moved the second service back to 9:45.
Service times are a balancing of multiple interests. There is traffic on the causeway, but there is also a portion of our congregation that drives from further distances for whom 9:45 presents a challenge. Similarly, there is a need to consider scheduling our services at times that will appealing to guests and newcomers to our community. With plans for the return of the choir, there needs to be ample time for practice and preparation between the end of the first service and the beginning of the second. There is also need adequate time to reintroduce Christian formation between services. I believe it is time once again to revisit the timing of our services as we approach season.
This is where I and your Vestry need your feedback. While I am at it, I would like to get a brief assessment of your feelings about the pandemic. I would like for you (including our Northern Lights) to complete the survey at the following link. It is only five questions, and your participation would be very helpful to the Vestry and me. You can find it at this link:
Many thanks,
Funeral Notices
The Burial Office and Requiem Eucharist for Joe Gilpin will be offered on Saturday, October 23, at 11 a.m. Due to the expected attendance and in order to observe COVID safety protocols, the liturgy will be held at Christ Church, 4030 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton. We express gratitude to the Rector and people of Christ Church for their hospitality. Visiting clergy will not process and are invited to sit in the congregation.

The Burial Office and Requiem Eucharist for John Bennett will be offered on Monday, December 6, at 11 a.m., at the Church of the Annunciation.
On behalf of the Diocese of Southwest Florida, we would like to announce the extension of the application period for the Bishop Coadjutor Search. The decision was made in the interest of having a deep and diverse selection of applicants to work with in this process. Therefore, our application period will now close at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 15th, 2021.

We are asking each of you to prayerfully consider if you know anyone who would fit the needs of this diocese in serving as our next Bishop. Our profile and application information can be viewed at When you identify a person who you believe may be interested in applying, please share this information with them.So many people in our diocese have lived in places around the country and they may know someone who could be called to this position.

Finally, as we are also committed to regularly praying, we invite you to join us. Below you will find a prayer written by our committee chaplain, the Rev. Adrienne Hymes. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the committee via our email address,

In His Service,

Bishop Coadjutor Search Committee
Diocese of Southwest Florida

Diocese of Southwest Florida Prayer for the Election of a Bishop
Gracious God, as we walk by faith the shared journey of choosing a bishop for the Diocese of Southwest Florida, nurture within us discerning hearts and minds hopeful for possibilities yet to be revealed. Send to us a caring leader, we pray, who will uniquely delight in the abundant gifts of our diocese, and the beauty of this land, which so richly reflect your unity in diversity. Equip our human eyes and ears with divine recognition for the chief pastor of our diocese whom you have chosen to lead us in the ever-unfolding mission of your Church, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen
A Note Regarding the Diocesan Face Covering Guidelines

The directive from Bishop Smith regarding the wearing of face coverings for gatherings inside church facilities is tied to the current CDC guidelines which call for face coverings to be worn indoors in communities with substantial or high transmission of the virus which causes COVID-19.  This is in the interest of the safety of those in our communities who are immunocompromised, at heightened risk of disease due to a breakthrough case, or who are currently too young to be vaccinated. There are two metrics which define if a community has substantial or high transmission:  New cases per 100,000 people over the past 7 days and the percentage of positive tests during the past 7 days.  If the two metrics fall into two categories, the higher category determines the community transmission rate:

Manatee County
Case Rate/100k people (9/30 to 10/6): 188.22, down from 281.46 last week
Positivity (9/28 to 10/4): 5.85%, down from 7.89% last week

While the positivity rate has fallen into the "Moderate" category, the case rate remains in the "High" category, so our community is still defined as having "High" transmission.
Welcome to Fall Potluck

We are excited to have host our first event in a long time. Please join us for some great food and fellowship during our Welcome to Fall Potluck on October 30th at 4:30 pm. We are working on plans to ensure this is a safe event for all.

Would you like to sign up to bring a dish? If so, you can either email the church office at or use the sign up sheet in Lowe Hall. We hope to see you there!
Rectanglers Design Day

Good morning - a “change in plans” for the design day. Previously scheduled for Friday, Oct. 22nd and Saturday Oct. 23rd. We’ve cancelled the Saturday, Oct. 23rd and will only have it on Friday the 22nd. This is due to a service being held for Joe Gilpin on Saturday morning which would create conflicts.

Thanks for your patience and if you haven’t gotten your rectangles in to either the church or to me, please do by the middle of October.
Take care - be safe.

Welcome Walkway Update

We are very happy that our St. Dorothea fountain is working, our Memorial Garden walkway bricks are installed and our ramps and railings are in place in anticipation of our Northern Lights joining us again. It has been a long journey.

As we continue on that journey, we have received a few new brick orders to add to the walkway; but, we need two more brick orders to send along for production. If you have been thinking of honoring or remembering someone with a memorial brick, now is the time to act. The link to the attached form is here and additional forms are available in Lowe Hall.

Stay tuned for additional reports on the bell tower reconstruction and raising up the refurbished bell, as well as a new fence in the front parking lot.”

Upcoming Events

Welcome to Fall Potluck - October 30, 4:30 pm (New Date)
With evolving COVID-19 protocols, we are working on a way to move forward with this event in a safe way.

Our Little Roses Fund Raiser - November
Holly Berry Bazaar - December 4

Welcome Back Northern Lights

As we welcome back our Northern Lights, please inform the church office if your contact information has changed. We will be updating our system to ensure our upcoming 2022 Members and Friends Directory has the most up-to-date information.

Coffee Hour

Hope you can join us for our
in-person Coffee Hour!

We have coffee and refreshments following the 8 & 9:45 a.m. services.
Prayer Request
Please contact the church office, by email, phone or just a note and let us know who you would like to be placed on the prayer list, including those who might currently be on it. We are simplifying how we list our intercessions at the Thursday prayer service. In this new format, we are classifying prayer requests as being for "long-term" or "short-term" needs.
Sunday, October 10, 2021

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PDF Copy of the bulletin for Sunday, October 10 click here.

Holy Eucharist for the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost in the Nave at 8:00 a.m. (Rite I)

Holy Eucharist for the Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost Sunday from the Nave (live-streamed) at 9:45 a.m. (Rite II)

Thursday, October14, 2021
Midweek Eucharist from the Nave (live-streamed) at 9:30 a.m.