Travel the county in August to find the stories of our past!
Credit, Left Photo: BCHA Collections Credit, Right Photo: BCHA Collections
Berrien Springs, MI - The Berrien County Historical Association is inviting the public to join them in exploring the history of Berrien County through a month-long scavenger hunt. Each correct entry brings participants closer to a Berrien County themed prize package!

The Rules

Everyone 13 years and older are eligible to participate and no purchase is necessary.

Clues will be sent out weekly every Thursday in August via email and will be posted on Facebook, but all answers must be sent by September to be considered valid.

Every correct photo sent will count as one entry towards the drawing (upwards to 12 entries available!)

Not every email has to have an answer to each clue, but all answers must include a picture to be counted.

Each clue is independent and each one will have its own answer.

How to Play

Entries are to be sent to Emails must include the line Scavenger Hunt. In the body of the email, you must indicate the correct answer in addition to the photo.

Please follow all local laws when taking photos and be respectful of private and public property! Creative photos are always welcomed, but remember to be safe!

Photos can be of the site of the answer OR the correct page from the Berrien County Sketches book. Copies available for sale inside On the Docket Books & Gifts!

Items like buildings, open grounds, and even gravestones count towards providing the answer, but any wording must be clear in the photo.

The Prize Package

$50.00 gift certificate for On the Docket Books and Gifts
One Individual Membership (upgrades available, see BCHA)
Copy of Historical Sketches of Berrien County
BCHA themed items

The Clues: Week of August 6

Clue #1
Their visages are on display in the museum in St. Joe
But their town was elsewhere here ever so long ago
A village that flew high and was a promising place to be
But today, a roadside stand is all of this town left to see.

Clue #2
Today when we read the history books, all we talk
Is of Orville and Wilber Wright over in Kitty Hawk
But this man said the skies were his along the Lake
And left a series of wondrous hopes in his wake.

Clue #3
Throughout the county and even at its heart
Lies a style of architecture that’s a work of art
The best example however is in Berrien Springs
An inspiration and a most beautiful thing.

About This Program

As part of the BCHA's goal to explore county-wide history, this program was developed create an immersive experience within our communities. Opportunities to see the present world of Berrien County through a historical lens are few and the BCHA is committed to changing how we interact with history in our daily lives.

About the Berrien County Historical Association
The History Center at Courthouse Square is operated by the Berrien County Historical Association and is located in Berrien Springs, MI. Since 1967, the BCHA has operated the five buildings located on Courthouse Square, including the 1839 courthouse, an 1830s log cabin, a recreated blacksmith forge, an 1870s sheriff's residence, and the 1860s county records building. For more information about our exhibits and programs, contact the BCHA at 269-471-1202. Find us online, on Facebook, and on Instagram.
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