WisdomQuest Arts and Coaching
April/May/June 2019

Do you feel the need to escape your frantic pace?

What would it be like for you to slow down and savor your own life?

2019 has offered me some significant opportunities to learn to slow down starting with an accident early in the year where I had no choice but to sit still for a couple of months. Fortunately I'm recovering well and have learned a valuable way to live life. It's really not a marathon race, it's savored from a much slower pace!

Now we have some major issues with our home to deal with so I've decided to set aside the Playshops until a later time, likely in the Fall. Am looking forward to relaunching them then.

Going slower on my journey has helped me get in touch with what really matters. Relationships-not things. Am so grateful for my husband, Jim, and many dear friends who were there for me earlier this year when I needed extra help! Self-care has also taken on a whole new meaning. It's now a moment-to-moment process for me. Often it's just remembering to take a deep breath, along with a break, every hour. My belief is if we as a society prioritized taking breaks (from daily or even hourly breaks to our vacations), we'd be more refreshed, healthier, and a lot more productive!

Getting more rest also inspired me to pursue a dream to learn about Storytelling. In March/April I took my first Storytelling class and we had a showcase recently where we shared our scenes to an audience of 50! My scenes were entitled, "Dysfunction Junction in Belle Chasse, Louisiana.Come Meet My Parents." We all rocked the house with our performances and made a powerful impact with our audience.

If slowing down could benefit you, be sure to read a poem from my blog below entitled, "The Answer to Life is in Slowing Down" and check out my recent blog article below on how to reconnect with your playful self. Now that's how to relish life!

Wishing you excellent health and plenty of time to enjoy living!

Blessings, Peace, and Joy,
"Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why." —Eddie Cantor

“For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.” —Lily Tomlin

“We stay so busy that the truth of our lives can’t catch up.” 
— Brené Brown

Below are some photos from expressive arts playshops to consider participating in! You don't need to be an artist. We focus on the process, not the product. Creating art heals! Stay tuned as I will announce some Fall Playshops soon! You can learn more information about our programs here ! If you would like me to bring a Playshop to your group (personal or business), please contact me . A few places I've brought Playshops include: The Unity Center; Universal Spirit Center (Rise up Women); Welk Resorts; and Vision- A Center for Spiritual Living (for an Artist's Way group).
I hope to see you at a future playshop! Please contact me with any questions. Meanwhile, enjoy the helpful articles from my blog, below .

The Answer to Life is in Slowing Down

The answer to life is in slowing down.
It isn’t continuing the pace
Of a marathon race.
The joy of living is in the smile –not the frown.
And if we ever forget –
Gaze at the next sunset.
Life exists between each musical note
And the inhale and exhale of each breathe .. (to read more

When you slow down and life becomes simpler, it is as if you’re “Atlas” and you get to set the world down. Instead of holding it up, you now lean into it for support. Without all the strain and drain, you have renewed energy to reconnect with your playful side.

Here are three easy ways to reconnect with your playful self:

1) Think back to an activity you used to love to do. It brought you so much pleasure. You have not done this in a long time though (possibly months, maybe even years). You would love to do this yet don’t know how to begin again. For example, maybe you used to love to play tennis yet for whatever reason you haven’t played in years. You could sign up for a tennis lesson, buy or borrow a racket and some balls, and get out to play! Start today. What is it for YOU?
......to read more click here

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