March 2014
As the snow melts and flowers begin to emerge, you may find yourself inspired to cultivate new ideas.
As you begin, you might run into constraints - both real and fabricated.  Your enthusiasm may even be dampened by fear - the great innovation killer
Fear can rear its ugly head it many ways.
Fear of failure 
  • Will my reputation be damaged if my idea doesn't perform as desired?
  • Could I lose my job if this idea is rejected?  

Fear of success

  • Will my fellow employees be happy with the disruption or will they blame me for turning their world upside down?
  • Will employees lose their jobs if this idea works?
It may be easier to stay under the snow (a.k.a. radar) than to poke your head out and make yourself vulnerable but standing still will not get you anywhere new or improved.


The good news is, if you are brave enough to give it a go, we have an antidote to the particular strain of fear that kills good ideas. You can find our prescription in Fear: The Great Innovation Killer. 
We decided to feature this white paper because so many LinkedIn users told us that they found it helpful.  Our LinkedIn Company page is a great place to feed your innovative brain between newsletters - check it out! 
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