APRIL 27th, 2011  

The Apocalypse Diaries

Dear Resistors, 


Welcome. Today we send out the first of the videos we have called The Apocalypse Diaries. Each Wednesday at 5pm we will transmit again.   


Join the resistance. Courage is all we have left. 


Transmission One: Now Live
Los Angeles - Day Five

Where is Jen Cross?

Since the incident in Switzerland, we have been using the internet to make contact with people trapped in the blast zones. Most do not have access to electricity or the internet, but every now and then there's a glimmer of hope. 


The video diary we have published today was uploaded onto a blog by a woman in Los Angeles using the name Jen Cross.


For several hours, we have been trying to make contact with Jen. A trace on her IP address puts her at the center of the Los Angeles blast zone and we have grave concerns for her safety.


If anyone one knows where Jen is, or if you are searching for another one of the missing...




Resist, record, transmit.


Clea Frost

Lead Resistor

The Apocalypse Diaries




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