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Children are the Future Church and the NOW!
As your Conference Coordinator of Children's Ministry, I am here to support, advocate, educate, equip, and most importantly serve your ministry needs. Tell me how I can serve you and your church. or call/text
Easter Sunday Multi-Generational Worship with Alleluias

I saw this idea on the Illustrated Children's Ministry Facebook page and thought it was a lovely way to pull in children and adult participation into the worship service for Easter. You could have students pre-color and assemble the Alleluia Butterflies in the Sundays leading up to Easter, but if you have a large congregation that may be hard. You could color copy a colored one and let the kids cut and assemble them prior to Easter morning. I think the more you have the more children and adults get to have one for worship.
You may want to hand them out with bulletins and have a quick announcement that whenever they hear Alleluia in the worship they are to wave the butterflies. Of course, you would want to get this all approved with your pastor and worship team before spending time on this project. Remind them that participation in worship leads to a sense of connection for everyone as they worship.

For the Children's moment: Explain that because a butterfly transforms from a caterpillar to a butterfly it is often a symbol (picture) of transformation. Jesus' death and resurrection transformed our relationship with God! We are forgiven and made new with God's love and grace from that very first Easter morning. (Many churches refrain from using Alleluia during Lent until Easter morning. You may want to include that explanation if your church only says Hosanna during Lent.) We say Alleluia on Easter in celebration! Alleluia means God has risen! God be praised! When we wave our Alleluia Butterflies and shout Alleluia, we are praising God for his love for us. Let's practice! Now when we do this when the pastor and worship leaders say Alleluia it fills our worship space with colors and movement. We are making our Alleluia even grander. God loves when we praise him. We want only the best praise and Alleluia for God!

Please note you can draw your own butterfly or just write Alleluia in colorful block letters on cardstock attached to popsicle sticks. Make it your own, but make it so everyone learns something. Most of all make it so our wonderful God receives praise and adoration in a connectional worship!
You can download actual Butterfly graphic if you don't want ot create your own. $15
Are you coming?

Annual Conference is a great time for everyone to be in one place and share ideas. I have been told that the new dates overlap with many Children's Minister's Vacation Bible School set up and prep! You will be greatly missed. Tell your pastor to be sure to stop by our Conference of Children's Ministry table and learn what we have to offer to support you in your ministry work.

If you are able to make the conference, I am hosting a BBQ for all Children's Ministers and Pastors at my home in Hot Springs on Wednesday, May 29 from 5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m. It will be great time for fellowship and relaxing before the evening meeting.
Please RSVP for the BBQ by May 27 to
OMP for 5th and 6th Graders!
This is a great opportunity for 5th and 6th graders to get a taste of the Ozark Mission Project. The $90 pays for the material they use to build steps and ramps for the people they serve. Can you build this day camp into a VBS or Family mission project?

Email Chet Green for more information by clicking on the link.

What does your Cokesbury Rep have Free for you?

Rachel Nicklas shared with me that she has free sample lesson and DVD of the New Bible Story Basic curriculum. You just need to email her and she will stick a sample in the mail for your to give it a look over for your interests.

Email Rachel by clicking
Lights... Cell phone Camera..Action!

Last fall I was at a conference and heard John Roberto share that the leading way to get information to parents is through short video clips on their social media devices. So when I met Children's Minister Kayla Tullos at Maumelle UMC and saw her video clips promoting programming, I knew she was on to some effective communication in ministry.

Read her interview in April's Living Our Faith on article above to go directly to the digital article if you have not signed up for it to come to your email.

I am trying to make my way around to the districts and meet you all! It will take time, but know if I am sending you an email or trying to make time to chat with you on the phone it is purely to know you and what I can do to serve you in ministry to children.

Okay, so maybe during our time together you may share some bright ideas! You may think it's nothing special, but I may know a C.M. it could really help. When you get to know me, you will find that I love to share other people's great ideas and connect them with one another.

What is working for you may also help someone else in their ministry! Your bright ideas don't have to be some big event, they could be effective student check in method or ways you cut costs in programming. Don't be shy! Share your ideas with me. We are all in ministry together and if I can share your creative method with someone else or make an introduction between Children's Ministers it is all for God's Glory!

Jacksonville First United Methodist Church will be having a
Wonderfully Made by God Class!

$25 a child

Fourth and Fifth Grade
Connection Center
308 West Main St, Jacksonville, AR 72076

  Thursday, April 25, 6pm, Parent's Meeting (Parent's Only)
  Friday, April 26th, 6pm-8:30pm, 4th & 5th Grade Only
  Saturday, April 27th, 8am-12pm, 4th & 5th Grade Only
  Saturday, April 27th, 12pm-1:30pm, Parent and Child Lunch and Closing

All are welcome, if you would like to register your child contact Stephanie Dunn
Dates to remember :

  • Wonderfully Made April 25,2019
Jacksonville First UMC
  • Tanako Confirmation Camp
April 5,6,7
  • Annual Conference Hot Springs May 29 & 30, 2019
  • Quest -September 28, 2019
  • Beyond 2020 January 24&25, 2020