Spring is finally upon us bringing warmer weather, new life, and a new season. This period in time will without a doubt change us. We are in a time where there are more questions than answers and this level of ambiguity is difficult especially in business where we want certainty. Now more than ever it’s imperative for great leadership to be strong for the success and protection of your team, company and customers.

In this month’s newsletter, you will have the inside scope as to what top professionals are implementing with regards to their strategies to stay ahead of the curve to strengthen culture, raise productivity and ingrain collaboration amid the COVID-19 virus and its unprecedented challenges on businesses. Forbes shares the importance of engaging and aligning all the right people as the corona virus presents new challenges for organizations. In addition, Forbes delves into the importance of not resorting to old patterns and behaviors during this time but continuing to advance and progress. Lastly, US News shares some helpful tips on how to communicate effectively when working with a remote team.

BIG NEWS! Accountability Resources is excited to announce the release of our 2020 Compensation Guide! Our experienced Recruiting Team has dedicated time and effort into producing a guide specific to the expanding Austin, TX market based on our own market research and “real time” knowledge. This guide presents salary data exclusively for Accounting and Finance positions in an easily readable, clear and concise format. Contact me today to receive your free guide!  

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As the coronavirus presents new challenges for organizations, most leaders are dealing with many unknowns as they make rapid, high-quality decisions. Now, when so much is going on and all of it is changing so quickly, they can’t possibly know enough. Forbes shares some insight on how leaders must confront the complexity of the current crisis and engage and align the right people.
During times of crisis or high stress, it is very easy for leaders and organizations to default to old behaviors and patterns and quickly undo years of progress and hard work.  It’s unfortunate, particularly when you consider how much time, employee effort and real dollars were committed to those initiatives in the first place. The good news is that you don’t have to get rid of the bad by getting rid of everything including the good. Company priorities and corporate initiatives can advance, even now.  To do this, leaders have to dismiss common myths.
With working remote becoming the new norm emphasis on communication is critical.  Over communicating doesn’t mean communicating everything; it means communicating the right things effectively. Having a simple framework is the quickest way to structure your points and give updates in addition to communicating credibly and combating misinformation. Adjusting to this new situation will require extra care to ensure communication is not broken here are a few helpful tips.
Accountability Resources Compensation Guide 2020
Accountability Resources is excited to announce the release of our 2020 Compensation Guide! This guide is specific to the Austin, TX market, and more specifically created for hiring managers within the Accounting and Finance vertical!

Based on our own market research and “real time” knowledge, this guide showcases salary data exclusively for Accounting and Finance positions. Whether your are a hiring manager searching for top talent or a career seeker exploring new opportunities, we are confident our guide will be an excellent resource for you!

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